I Want a Real Relationship

A woman seeks advice about why the men she keeps meeting just want sex.


I Want More,They Want Less

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I’ve recently reentered the dating scene after many years of being divorced and working on my career, and raising a son. Unfortunately it seems that the men I meet don’t want to get to know me; they just want to rush into an intimate relationship. What is up with this?

Avery: It sounds like the men who you are meeting are only interested in one thing. That doesn’t mean that all men are like that, only the ones who you are meeting. If you meet someone who you think that there could be a future with, you should make sure that you tell the man up front – even on the first date – that you’re at a stage of your life where you’re looking for a real partner, not just a bed partner. By being direct and honest up front, you’ll naturally be excluding the guys who just want you for one thing.

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