I Want Only the Best for My Son

A mother asks how to raising her son without spoiling him.

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Wanting Only the Best

Dear Manic Mommy: I have a 15-month-old boy and I want the best out of him. I want him to grow up with responsibility. How do I raise him without spoiling him? He is the best I have.

Manic Mommy: I think it’s wonderful that you want the best for your son. That’s all we parents can ever hope for in our children! As far as raising him without spoiling him, I think you’ve answered your own question within. You know you want the best out of him AND for him; you know he’s the best you have. Don’t try to make him an over-achiever. Don’t put too much pressure on him. Don’t make your expectations too high. He’s 15 months old. Love him, play with him, enjoy him, and be fascinated by him. Let him be your baby. The rest will come naturally.

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