In Praise of Curves Jessica Simpson

A slideshow in praise of curvy women!

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In Praise of Curves

These curvalicious gals have it goin on – from Jessica Simpson to Michelle Obama!

-The Bettys

You’ve probably heard the recent flurry of publish shock and awe over Jessica Simpson’s “weight gain.”  You’ve perhaps heard how Jenny Craig had to issue a denial that they were in partnership talks with her (“Ms. Simpson looks fantastic and we see no reason for her to participate in a weight management program.” – uh, yeah!), or seen the recent headlines blaring “JESSICA’S REVENGE DIET!” On a more positive note, there’s the news that the ever-enterprising Simpson plans to launch a new clothing line that will flatter curvy women. Now that’s more like it!

In fact, to give Jessica some inspiration, we put together this slideshow of some of the most beautiful women in the public eye today … warning: beautiful curves ahead!

Jessica Simpson#1/10: Jessica Simpson.
The vivacious singer says she is thrilled with her new figure, so much in fact that she is working on a clothing line specifically targeting curvy ladies. “I know how a dress can make you feel so frumpy. I promise mine won’t. I know what flatters a woman …” Jess recently told In Style magazine. No lack of confidence here!

Next: MMMMMariah Carey!



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0 thoughts on “In Praise of Curves Jessica Simpson

  1. Perhaps … but not necessarily so. And definitely NOT in Hollywood, which is crazy. They are all gorgeous, and none of them are stick figures. Jessica Simpson looks healthy and beautiful, yet all the hoopla about her “weight gain” just illustrates the ridiculous standards in the celeb and fashion world … standards that DO affect the much rest of us and how we feel about our bodies, especially young girls. These are almost all women who have gotten crap from the media about their weight — which is ridiculous, because, as this slideshow illustrates, they are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. It’s more like they SHOULD be considered thin in the real world, but alas they are not. I agree with April, in Hollywood these women are consider ‘curvy,’ just take a look at this article by PEOPLE…

    (Both Beyonce and Fergie are mentioned, who are also a part of this slideshow).

  3. I don’t think this article and slide show is saying ANY Of these ladies are FAT. It’s merely stating that they have CURVES, nice bodies, with butts and breasts, and HIPS! They are all most definitely curvy, you cannot debate that. And you cannot argue they are all beautiful talented women who have a lot to offer the world! YAY for CURVES!

  4. I love the recurring theme of these beautiful women, well-known and respected celebrities, embracing their natural figures and ignoring society’s pressures. This gives me hope for the media’s effect on women’s self-image, as celebrities are so influential.

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