Inside Tiger Woods' Impending Divorce

It's no secret that Tiger Woods' wife is shocked and furious about her husband's devious adventures, but exactly how upset is she? Enough to go for the golf pro's sizeable fortune.

Inside Tiger Woods’ Impending Divorce

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods’ wife is shocked and furious about her husband’s devious adventures, but exactly how upset is she? Enough to go for the golf pro’s sizeable fortune.

-Carolyn French

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren reportedly contacted legendary divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope – who once represented Cary Grant and Nicole Kidman – and is hoping to drain Tiger Woods‘ billion-dollar bank account by half.

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The 29-year-old mother of two may try to file for divorce in California (where the couple owns a home) in order to receive a fatter check. However, a chairman of the California Bar’s family-law section believes it won’t make a difference.

“They’ve been living in Florida,” John Hodson stated. “The fact that they might own a house in California doesn’t matter if they’re not physically in California.”

The former spouses have separated, and Elin is preparing to officially file for divorce after the holidays. (The New York Post)

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0 thoughts on “Inside Tiger Woods' Impending Divorce

  1. That is why wealthy people get pre-nups. She will walk away a richer woman than she started. And then there is child support until the kids are out of college. If he is smart he will never marry again. Focus on golf for a while and “try” to be more discreet about his affairs. As a single man no one is interested in how women he sees. Think Warren Beatty, George Clooney, Cary Grant etc. etc. At least this should bring an end to the endless news cycle…and for that I say hallelujah!

  2. You got this right Noggy. The easy way out for Tiger is for Elin to divorce him. All he has to do is come back and play good golf and all this will be forgiven. The plus side for Tiger is he can go on philandering to his heart’s content. If she does not divorce him, he has a “huge” problem because he would need to curb his appetite for women, and that’s hard to do for a guy with his money who also happens to have a roving eye. So Tiger baby, keep your silence and cry like hell for the cameras when the divorce papers come. Elin has done her job and given you the two kids. What more can she do for you other than give you grief. Don’t worry about sponsors, just play good golf and they will come. You will get new endorsement deals. Japan and Korea Inc. are waiting in the wings.

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