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Inside the “Amazing Race”

All the secrets you won’t hear from winners Tammy and Victor

-Kelly Will

Tammy and Victor JihOn Sunday night, CBS aired the season finale of their wildly popular Amazing Race. There was a private cast party and screening at the Marriott Residence Hotel sponsored by the MS Society in New York. The party was full of all this season’s cast, including husband-and-wife from Virginia, Steve and Linda Cole; the show’s first team with a deaf contestant, Margie and Luke Hoffman; and, of course, the winning siblings, Tammy and Victor Jih.

A source on the inside gave me all the inside scoop from the party and the race!

“Tammy and Victor went in believing they were going to win. They had the most positive attitude of all of the contestant’s. Tammy attended Stanford and proved she was competitive and smart there. Tammy and Victor were expected to win after the first couple of episodes–they were even producer favorites.”

“After the party, Tammy and Victor grabbed all their NYC friends and headed to a local pub to party into the night. Once at the midtown bar, the two smart siblings let their friends do all the drinking for them. Tammy especially wanted to avoid any early morning hangovers for all her TV appearances this week.”

“Margie and Luke (mother and son) were a strong team, mainly because Margie was in intense physical shape for the race–she had the most rock-hard body of all the women! She was hot and had no problem keeping up with Luke.”

“Luke could break a lot of female hearts…he is gay and proud, though he didn’t discuss it on the show. This season’s AR roster boasted the most gay contestants which also includes Kisha, of sister duo Jen and Kisha Hoffman, who is a lesbian and of course, father and son team, Mel and Mike White were also gay.”

“Host Phil Keoghan is also breaking hearts, he’s married with a 15-year-old daughter. Phil actually does some of the roadblocks and lives a more adventurous life than his contestants – he does bungee jumps and sky dives as if they were jogs. For the last 6 weeks he has been riding across America to raise money for MS.”

Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmonson, the spunky red-haired Miami Dolphin cheerleaders, were not fan, cab or contestant favorites. Many of the players avoided Jaime but loved Cara when everyone had downtime between filming and the next eliminations. Jaime was just as impatient with camera, crew and anyone around her as she was with cab drivers.”

“Tammy is closest to Cara of all the racers. They became great friends during the filming of the show, and Tammy is attending Cara’s wedding this summer.”

And just how will the brother/sister duo spend their $1 million?

“They are both paying off loans! Victor says he’ll finally be in the black, and Tammy is just relieved to knock off most of her law school debt. They don’t have any extravagant plans, and Victor will stay in Los Angeles, while Tammy calls San Francisco home.”

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  2. yes, lotsowritin25, it “should” be — but it’s NOT the norm and it’s NOT mainstream — so i agree with danggirl that it’s cool to see a show that does this.

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