Interview: Miley Cyrus at the Movies

An interview with Miley Cyrus at the movies!

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Interview: Miley Cyrus at the Movies

She’s just being Miley!

-Kelly Will

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is a movie, television, music and now fashion icon. I had a few moments with the singer last week at a special screening of her movie, Hannah Montana, hosted by Just Jared and I know that the kids in your life and let’s be honest – you too, are interested in her words!

First of all, get ready for a world tour, Miley style. Her record label was keeping a close eye and ear on the starlet, but she did hint that a spectacular show is being planned for this year. The show will not just be for the tweens, but is going to be designed with adults in mind, too.

Miley’s real home is “just beyond the hill, past the chicken coop” in the film. The crew filmed some scenes on the crooner’s property in Tennessee, so Miley and dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, really did make the movie a family affair. Miley says, “My little sister, Noah, 9, is in the movie. She’s adorable, but she’s started to document my life for her YouTube show and she’s a bit like the stalkerazzi now! She follows me everywhere with her little flip cam.”

During one scene, Miley got a little overexcited and split her skinny jeans in the middle of a take, but the budget conscious singer tells me they were easy to replace. “My jeans were too skinny! I wear Forever 21 in the movie and real life all the time.”

The fashion and fun continued as Miley was given a special Gem Girls Charm by jewelry designer Kara Ackerman in 14 carat gold with a raised diamond M at the special screening. With a number one movie at the box office and free diamonds flowing, it is definitely good to be Miley Cyrus!

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  1. Amazing how the kid has surpassed her father and has creating such a craze. Well every teen sets has a teen idol. When I was her age, it was Debbie Gibson and Duran Duran. Well Duran Duran is still cranking but Debbie Gibson is somewhere between Long Island and the mall.

  2. My Daughter , My mother and I went to see the MOVIE. It was so great. My daughter sang the songs. EVEN got out her seat at the end to dance. IT was sooo cute. I wish I could of snapped some Photos to show. She is such a HANNAH fan. And I love that she has such a Great Person like her to look up to. Hannah, Is very smart and funny. And I wished there were more like here out there.
    Patty Mosso

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