Is Good Sex Good For Your Career?

A brand new study reveals that a good sex life can improve your work life.
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Is Good Sex Good For Your Career?

New study shows a good sex life can improve your work life

Carrie Seim

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Want to get ahead at work? Then you better get it on at home.

That’s according to a new analysis by sexual anthropologist and consultant Helen Fisher. After studying the profiles of 40,000 Chemistry members, Dr. Fisher says the chemicals released during sex were most prevalent in members with successful workplace performance.

Dr. Fisher says that sex releases a flood of dopamine, oxytocin and testosterone, which can enhance problem-solving ability, teamwork skills, focus and confidence – all of which can be a big boost to your career.

But is there any truth to these findings? Or is this just another tactic to make us feel guilty that we’re not getting any? We asked noted sex therapist and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, for his take on the study.

Fact or Fiction

“I think it does have quite a bit of truth,” Ian tells “People who have healthy sex lives tend to have healthier lives overall.”

Ian says that while a good sex life doesn’t necessarily link directly or exclusively to a great work life, the two are often related. And perhaps more relevant – the reverse is just as often true.

“People who do not have a healthy sex life tend to be stuck elsewhere in their lives,” Ian explains. “They tend to be more distracted, more depressed … and more prone to infidelity.”

Yikes! There goes our excuse that we’re too busy with work for sex. Turns out what’s good for the bedroom may be even better for the boardroom.

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