Is It OK For Guys To Cry?

We ask real guys and girls if they're cool with a river of tears
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Is It OK For Guys To Cry?

We ask real guys and girls if they’re cool with a river of tears

-Carrie Seim

Crying man

Tim Tebow (below) is one of the most successful – and revered – college football players in history.

The Florida Gators quarterback is known for being the first sophomore to win a Heisman Trophy, for leading his team to the 2008 national championships, for his extensive charity work and for referencing Bible verses on his eye blacks.

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He recently added a new sport to his letterman jacket: footbawl.

Tim Tebow

Tebow cried a river of tears following his team’s SEC championship loss to Alabama in early December. He was up for another Heisman Trophy a few weeks ago, but lost out on that as well. Frankly, we had trouble picturing him holding the prize anyway. The only accessories we can imagine on the 240-pounder are quivering lips and streaky tears.

Which begs the question – is there crying in football? Or, better yet – is there crying in manhood? Is it a sign of passion or weakness? And does it matter why men are crying?

BettyConfidential asked guys and girls around the country: When is it OK for men to cry?

The overwhelming majority of both genders agreed that it’s completely fine for men to cry. In fact, most insisted they wouldn’t trust a man who never admitted to crying. But – and this is a big but – the acceptable conditions for male tears deviate enormously by respondent.

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  1. I once had a boyfriend cry in front of me, and it was the weirdest experience for me to see. He was a macho guy and I didn’t even think he was capable of showing that much emotion.

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