Is Jennifer Aniston Choosing Work Over Love?

An insider tells Betty Confidential that Jen's friends are worried.


Is Jennifer Aniston Choosing Work Over Love?

An insider tells Betty Confidential that Jen’s friends are worried.

-Carrie Seim and Kelly Will

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston sees no shame in leading a wolf pack of one. She owns her lonely status, boasting in the September issue of Elle, “It’s fine. I can take it. If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.”

But lately, Jennifer’s inner circle worries that she may be burying herself in work to avoid the pain of another lost love. A friend of Jennifer’s tells Betty Confidential that the actress has been working too much – to the detriment of the rest her life.

“Jen substitutes work for her own family,” the friend says. “Jen has always been career-driven, but now making movies is almost her entire life. She keeps her body in top shape because of the work … she manages to fit in daily workouts, eat right and relax when she can – all in relation to her work!”

It certainly beats the way other starlets deal with broken hearts (see also: Lohan, Lindsay). Instead of landing on Celebrity Rehab, Jennifer may earn a spot on Puritanical Living. It’s hard to quibble with her healing diet of hard work, healthy eating and vigorous exercise. But please, Jen, everything in moderation.

The luscious leading lady is currently working on eight different films. Which basically makes her the Octomom of the movies. (And we know how well that turned out.)

“The movies and constant work keep Jen sane,” her pal tells Betty Confidential. “She needs to fill a void and work does that. She will continue doing back-to-back movies because that gives her the support and control she thrives on.”

Indeed, it seems film sets have become large-scale therapy sessions for Jen. Here’s a closer look at some of her upcoming projects:

Jennifer Aniston and John MayerPumas – an homage to the Mrs. Robinsons of the world. (Is Jen still working out her John Mayer boy toy issues?)

Counter Clockwise – a psychologist conducts an experiment on reversing the aging process, tricking her patients into believing they’re younger. (Dare to dream, Jen!)

The Divorce Party – a couple plans to announce their divorce during what should be their 35th anniversary party. Meanwhile, their engaged son plans to bring his commitment-phobic fiancée to the sad soiree. (We hear ya, Jen. Divorce drama is hard enough to deal with; rougher still when your ex can’t stop saving the planet or having gorgeous babies with Team Angie.)

Getting Rid of Matthew – a professional woman has an affair with a married man, until he decides to leave his wife and kids for her. She creates a new persona and befriends the jilted wife. In the process, she “connects” with her lover’s oldest son. (Could this be a projection of a fantasy in which Brad leaves Angelina to return to Jen, but then Jen befriends Angelina, and also hooks up with Maddox??)

The Baster – a single, 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant. (Wow. Just … wow.)

Jennifer Aniston and her dogsSpeaking of pregnancy, Jen’s friend says she’s pretty much laid to rest any plans for having children of her own. Instead, she treats her dogs like children, flying them on private jets to movie sets and including them in her film contracts.

“Jen is focused completely on work and enjoys when romance fits into that, but she doesn’t make dating or creating a family any kind of priority,” the pal says. Her friends are her only “support system and she leans on them for advice and love.”

Jen’s personal chef, Jewels Elmore, tells Oprah magazine that “Jen’s a homebody,” who invites producers, publicists, yoga teachers and friends over for dinner. Not so much hot dates.
Does this mean Jen’s given up on men altogether?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler“She’s a great flirt on movie sets, very nice and always makes fans quickly among all the men,” the insider says (hence the rumors about Jen and Gerard Butler on the set of The Bounty).

Which is exactly our point, Jen. We love you! Men love you! The genetics gods love you! So don’t give up. It’s selfish to keep all that beauty, brains and talent to yourself. If you’re coming up empty in the Hollywood dating pool, maybe it’s time to cast your line in uncharted waters.
How about this title for your next movie? Hollywood Star Moves to Montana, Falls Madly in Love with Mountain Man, Makes Movies from Ranch and Raises Seven Children, The End.

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  1. I don’t know why people assume she’s not fulfilled if she’s not married or with children. If at this point in her career she’s in high demand, why not take advantage of that? It won’t last forever.

  2. I agree, she’s one of the few actresses doing her job, and since there were rumors about her dating both bradly cooper and gerard butler recently i’d say she’s fine

  3. “is the luscious starlet giving up men altogether?” I hope to god she is, so people will stop talking about her constantly, including Betty! By the way, on her behalf, she’s earned enough credits not to be called a “starlet” any more. She’s a legitimate actress. Now she ought to grow up and shut up.

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