Is Mila Kunis Too Thin?

The formerly curvacious That '70s Show star looks scary skinny now.
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Is Mila Kunis Too Thin?

The formerly curvacious That ’70s Show star looks scary skinny now.

-Libby Keatinge

Mila Kunis

As she walked the red carpet at the Writer’s Guild Awards last Saturday, Mila Kunis drew stares — but for all the wrong reasons. The That ’70s Show star looked extremely gaunt in a sleek black gown that hung on her teeny-tiny frame. Her arms were pin-thin and bones protruded out of the cutouts of her LBD.

Mila Kunis

At 5’3″, Mila appears to be about 100 pounds, which is a dramatic drop from her estimated weight of 108 pounds last August at the Extract premiere (see pic on next page), where her patterned Matthew Williamson gown complemented a petite hourglass shape. “She is a small woman and needs to be careful to maintain her weight at a certain level and not become too thin, putting her health at risk,” Marcel Bellucci, a personal trainer at Synergy Fitness SoHo who does not work with the actress, tells BettyConfidential.

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Although many of Hollywood’s skinny starlets attribute losing pounds to stress, Mila’s weight loss may be the result of her recent intense ballet training for her upcoming movie, Black Swan. “It’s the most physically strenuous thing I’ve ever done in my whole life,” she said last month. “I was aware of ballet. I’ve seen ballet. But I didn’t realize what it was. I didn’t realize what you had to put your body through in order to look like a ballerina, walk like a ballerina. You can’t fake ballet.”

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0 thoughts on “Is Mila Kunis Too Thin?

  1. Oh come on, what about the risk of being overweight or obese. And she is short but 8 pounds difference….not like a major change. And if she has been doing ballet she would need to be thinner for the role…

  2. excatly come on she a bit smaller than I remember but whatz wrong with that, she remains beautiful we don’t know her reason and it’s none of news anyway leave it alone. she looks great smaller or bigger enough said

  3. She may have lost a little weight but she still looks healthy. She has a healthy glow and does not have the gaunt, malnourished look of so many young stars. If she has been working out heavily for a role that explains it. Sad that there is so much pressure on her just to entertain us.

  4. Mila now weighs about as much as every “skinny female celebrity.” She’s underweight, and that’s not good, but as long as she keeps her weight between 100-105 pounds, she’s not going off the deep end.

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