Susan Boyle: The New Octomom?

Mean Betty on Susan Boyle, Octomom, Mel Gibson, and more.

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Week in Review

Susan Boyle: The New Octomom?

Plus: Mel Gibson, Amy Winehouse, Jon & Kate – The Week in Review

-Mean Betty

Easy There, Tiger

Susan Boyle

First Sarah Palin, then Octomom, now … Susan Boyle? There’s always someone to take up the banner of the gift that keeps on giving, media-wise, and it looks like Susan Boyle just might be our next train-wreck poster girl!

Tsk-tsk, it does seem the pressure certainly is getting to the ruddy Scottish lass, who unleashed not one but two more expletive-laden outbursts in front of her adoring fans this week. The first episode took place, appropriately, in a bar, after Susie-Q watched Piers Morgan (who, of course, gave the spinster her first kiss) praise her pipsqueak rival, Shaheen Jafargholi. Next Susan went berserk in the lobby of her hotel, allowing two taunting nitwits to provoke her into screaming her favorite F-word. “How f***ing dare you! You can’t f***ing talk to me like that.”

Wonder how long before Susan unleashes her true self on stage? Now that will make some good TV!

Speaking of Octomom …

Hilarious! The charming, Mel Gibson, who, as we all know is a devoted Catholic, recently took himself onto the Jay Leno show to tell witty, amusing jokes about the dissolution of his 28-year marriage and impending love child. What a riot! Mean Betty adores how he called himself – so clever! – Octodad, because yes, indeed, his girlfriend is expecting Baby Mel #8. Delightful!

Mad Mel also managed to get in a few RIOTOUS jokes about OctomomTM‘s lips … which makes Mean Betty wonder if he’s taken a good look at his Russian-bride-to-be lately …

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Jon and Kate

Jon and Kate Gosselin

Mean Betty has been watching with amusement the sudden flurry of fascination with Jon and Kate, who, in Mean Betty’s opinion, are interesting for one reason only: Their ingenious money-making scheme obviously put the idea into our dear OctomomTM‘s head. (Multiples + television cameras = $$$!)

Zut Alors!

Queen of England

What if the French threw a D-Day anniversary party and no one invited the Queen of England? Can you imagine, mes cheries? Always keep your eye on the French, take Mean Betty’s word for it. Those silly froggies seem to have forgotten that, while President Obama and our glamzon first lady are indeed exciting party guests, not only was the Queen of England actually ALIVE during WWII, she served in uniform. While those cheese-eating surrender monkeys were handing over the keys to the kingdom and toasting the Nazis with their best Chardonnay, British soldiers and the rest of the Allies were out saving the free world, thus ensuring a future full of jolly French D-Day celebrations. It appears as if the French are trying to backtrack and issue a ninth hour invite, but Mean Betty says, to paraphrase Susan Boyle je m’en fou! (Google it, pets).

Amy Winehouse: Designer?

Amy Winehouse is supposedly going to collaborate on a clothing line with London label PPQ. Is that a joke? Have these people seen any photos of Amy in oh, the last YEAR? What’s the line going to consist of – cut-offs, black eyeliner and track-mark tattoos? Perhaps a hair extension collection made from the fur of real alley cats?

Amy Winehouse

Until next week, mes petites amoureuses.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Susan Boyle: The New Octomom?

  1. I was surprised the audience on the Jay Leno show clapped when Mel Gibson announced his news that his girlfriend was pregnant. I would have loved to have heard the very loud noise of absolute silence followed by just one person tastefully imitating a cricket.

  2. Susan Boyle has been in the spotlight for what, a month now and she already can’t handle it? Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Girl, you may have a voice but you’re not all that. I bet you’re second guessing putting yourself on that show now, aren’t you?

    As far as Jon and Kate goes, their ship is sinking quick!

  3. You’d better factcheck that Winehouse really has “track marks,” because it’s libelous if she doesn’t.

    As for Mel, his Catholicism is a joke. He’s been committing adultery and having a child outside marriage. He makes this devout movie, he has all these kids, and I’m sure he tithes a lot — he has a lot to tithe for before he can be considered a true Catholic again. You don’t get to do just the parts you like (having kids). I used to admire him, but he’s a waste now. At least he could have divorced his wife first. And having another baby so soon!
    As for his new one’s looks, don’t you great-looking men usually like to choose women less attractive than themselves so there’s no competition.
    But he can’t have looked in a mirror lately — he’s as ugly now as he was beautiful at 19 when he made “Time,” quite a wonderful little movie I highly recommend — if only for “what was.”

    My computer was down for two weeks. Who are Kate and Jon?

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