Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

Time to take stock of your favorites--that familiarity may be costing you

Coupon Queen

Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

Time to take stock of your favorites–that familiarity may be costing you

-Susan Samtur, Select Coupon Program

mom grocery shoppingMost of us are creatures of habit. We typically buy the same items and brands every time we shop at the supermarket. It’s easy to pick up our favorite coffee, or our preferred brand of paper towels or detergent. With brand loyalty, no thought is required, and often, price is not a major consideration. But it should be. And once you really look at price, you may find that it is time to switch brands.

Buying brands depending on store sales and coupon availability is one of the best ways to save. It takes some planning and a willingness to be brand flexible. For example, this week Puffs tissues are on sale 4/$3 at my local store. I have coupons that match the sale product, providing a double savings. But, I also have coupons for Kleenex and Scott tissues since I feel the quality is about the same. So when those products go on sale I’ll still get a double savings with my accumulated coupons.

In each category of my coupon file, I keep many different brands–that allows me to switch brands depending on the sale of the week. For example in my coffee category you’ll find Maxwell House, Folgers, Melitta, and Chock Full o’ Nuts. I enjoy all these brands. Household products offer a great variety of choice. I keep almost every national brand coupon in my file. It worked out great for me today because Fab had a Buy One Get One Free Offer. With my coupon I took home two for only $1.99.

But what about those specific brands’ specific products you just don’t want to give up?

Brand loyalty is certainly possible when couponing or refunding. My family loves Honey Nut Cheerios, and there’s no substitute for them. My strategy: Wait for the Honey Nuts to go on sale, save the coupons, and buy the item in quantity. Sure, that may load up my pantry with 3 or 4 boxes at a time, but at least they were all gotten at a great deal, and with coupons.

Use your judgment when it comes to shopping: Remember to question brand loyalty every once in a while to be sure you’re not paying too much for it. And don’t be afraid to switch brands to ensure you get the best deal.

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Susan J. Samtur is Editor and Chief and Publisher of Refundle Bundle Magazine started in 1973, and founder of Select Coupon Program, a grocery coupons site. Susan is nationally recognized as the “Coupon Queen” and has been featured on Live with Regis, Today, CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America. She is the author of the best-selling book, Cashing In at the Checkout – a million-copy seller, as well as two other books.

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0 thoughts on “Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

  1. One of the biggest reasons I have brand loyalty is … SMELLS! Especially when it comes to cleaning products and laundry detergent. But it’s a good idea of stock up when things are on sale.

  2. for me it depends–sometimes I have to have MY brand. diet pepsi will not do in place of diet coke, even for significant savings, but when it comes to things like cereals or cheeses or something, I’m fine brand hopping.

  3. i was just thinking about this the other day … as far as meats and chicken are concerned, i don’t care what “brand” they are, as long as it’s fresh and cheaper than the name “brand.” the ONLY thing i need to have the name “brand” is heinz ketchup. period, no excuses.

  4. I have to buy Tony Tiger Frosted Flakes-nothing else will do. Really. But everything else is fair game for lower-cost replacement as long as the quality is comparable.

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