Is 8 too young?

The recent Arizona shooting by an 8-year-old boy brings up several moral questions.


Is 8 Enough?

Boy shoots father… but is he an “adult”?

-Stephanie Elliot

rifleAn 8-year-old Arizona boy shot his father, Vincent Romero, and another man to death Monday.

Eight years old.

This sickens me. And this is why I don’t like it when my sons even pretend play guns.

What goes through the mind of a third-grader when he picks up a rifle and decides to shoot his father and another man? Because, unless there is something severely wrong with the child – and no reports have indicated that – then premeditated thoughts run through that mind.

Reports have indicated that the boy’s father was an avid hunter and he had trained his son as a hunter as well. There were no records of disciplinary problems at school, or of domestic violence, but it is speculated that something must have been building up over time to cause an 8-year-old to do something this drastic.

And in Arizona, charges can be filed if you’re over 8, so this young child has been arrested on two counts of premeditated murder.

The question is, WHY? What compelled him?

And my other immediate question was, “And where is his mother?” Apparently, Romero had full custody of the boy, and the mother lives in Mississippi, but was recently in Arizona visiting.

I want to hear from her.

Yesterday the little boy appeared in court, in handcuffs, apparently causing some of the people in the courtroom to break down and cry. FOX News reports the judge issued a gag order to prevent “loose-cannon pronouncements.”

Today we learn that the weapon the child used was a rifle that needs to be reloaded after each shot. So after killing his father, this boy reloaded and murdered his father’s friend.

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions isn’t it? What could compel this action? Was there some horror happening at home that no one knew about? Is he just a child psychopath? Where was his mother? Why did he have access to a weapon?

And … most of all … can we look at children through the same eyes as adults in cases like this?

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