Is Alex McCord Coming to a Movie Theater Near You?

Will Alex McCord be coming to a movie theater near you?

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The Desperate Housewife of New York City

Alex McCord in a movie theater near you?

-Kelly Will

Alex McCord and Simon van KempenIf you watch Bravo and have ever caught an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, you know whom I’m talking about. Alex McCord is one half of the van Kempen dynamic duo. She uses her maiden name in her professional life, which was eliminated a few weeks ago when she lost her position at Victoria’s Secret. Alex has recently joined the growing numbers of New Yorkers and Americans around the country who have lost their jobs in the declining economy. Her husband, Simon van Kempen, is still employed at the Hotel Chandler and will now be supporting their family of four on his general manager’s salary.

The interesting news is that the laid off Alex is not turning to her resume and design background, but has recently decided to be a star … of what, I’m not sure, but she wants a little fame and fortune beyond the Real Housewives.

A source told me this week that Alex is taking on the talent agencies of New York. She is seeking a contract with a talent agent to spread the word and find a little avenue of fame beyond her Bravo gig. She’s willing to model, act, and maybe even dance her way into new success and a whole new career.

“She’s really working hard, making calls to everyone, taking meetings and hoping she can get her foot in the door. Alex is very earnest about finding the right agent who will get her in for auditions.”

I’m sure we’ll be seeing Alex on a Law & Order episode any day now and I’m eager to hear what Jill Zarin has to say about that.

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0 thoughts on “Is Alex McCord Coming to a Movie Theater Near You?

  1. I can’t believe that THAT’s what simon does for a living. I don’t think i’ve ever heard that on the show. it seems so beneath him to be a hotel manager–or at least that he would think it so.

  2. These two are so pretentious when they’ve got nothing going for them whatsoever. He’s the kind of guy I can’t stand, but after seeing her on the show a few times, I actually feel kind of bad for him!

  3. I don’t even know who this chick is, but I don’t like her. ANd who’s Jill Zarin. If you’re gonna get scoopy, we need more info on who these people are please. We all can’t sit in front of our TVs all day long and know who these people are you know.

    And need coffee, I agree, total gay!

    These people are LAME. Not worth a news story.

  4. mfe–Jill is another housewife of ny. actually a quite likeable one at that–she and Bethenny are the best. Alex is just a joke really. you should watch-it’s seriously good TV!

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