Is Bruce Springsteen Having an Affair?

Is Bruce Springsteen cheating on his wife?


Is Bruce Springsteen Having an Affair?

Say it ain’t so, Boss!

-The Betty Editors

Bruce SpringsteenSay it ain’t so that The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, has cheated on his wife Patti Scialfa with a Housewife of New Jersey named Ann Kelly. At least, that’s what Ann’s very angry hubby, Arthur Kelly, has said. In divorce papers, Kelly claims that Bruce was doing more than dancing in the dark with Ann, and that his wife “committed adultery with one Bruce Springsteen … at various times and places too numerous to mention.”

Ann’s father, Stephen Carton, who just happens to be a divorce lawyer, told the New York Daily News that his daughter and the superstar singer were just “talking friends.” Uh huh. “My daughter is guilty only of working out in the same gym as Bruce Springsteen and of talking to him,” he explained. Carton also said his daughter’s marriage was marked by violence and said she recently filed a domestic abuse complaint against Kelly.

But what does Bruce, who likes to share his views on politics, but never on his personal life, have to say? The singer released a statement similar to one he made in 2006 when it was first suggested that he just might have a wandering eye. At that time it was rumored he was having an affair with a 9/11 widow.

Bruce Springsteen and other celebs at President Obama’s inauguration

The statement said that “Patti and I have been together for 18 years — the best 18 years of my life. We have built a beautiful family we love and want to protect and our commitment to one another remains as strong as the day we were married.”

Nice, touching even, but not exactly a denial, is it?

Ann, though, is in total denial mode. She issued her denial via her lawyer, Noel Tonneman who said his client first heard about the alleged romance from the media. “All she wants everyone to know is that she’s denying all this,” Tonneman said. He also added he still hasn’t seen the divorce papers but will ask to have them sealed to stop “the media circus.” By the way, Ann, a nurse, is a redhead like Patti Scialfa.

Bruce Springsteen was a Boyfriend of the Week!

Bruce began dating his current wife while he was still married to his former wife, the model Julianna Philips. In 1990 he had a son with Scialfa, a year after his divorce from Philips. They married a year later and had two more children.

Now we don’t know the truth about these current Bruce Springsteen adultery rumors, but we do know the old line about what happens when a man marries his mistress. Remember — it leaves a vacancy in that position.

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  1. Anyone who’s famous is bound to be accused of something! Sounds like the husband is creating drama where there is none! Ride out the storm, Boss, you’ll get through this one!

  2. He’s a rock star! IF he had an affair, he’ll have to deal with Patty whooping his a**! I’ve seen bruce in concert, it would be hard to resist him!

  3. All these stars supposedly having affairs! From Mel Gibson (he denies it, along with the girl in the photo) to Bruce, he denies it too! Time will tell when we see in the paper Patti filing for the big D, hopefully it won’t come to that!

  4. The soon-to-be-ex sounds like a jerk! Even if she is getting it on with Bruce, this wounded boy shouldn’t be slamming his wife in the press by naming Springsteen, there are kids and children involved. Have some class!

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