Introducing … Octo-Dad!

Denis Beaudoin, the ;atest player emerges in the Octo-Family saga, as Nadya's parents publicly turn on their daughter


Introducing … Octo-Dad!

Latest player emerges in the Octo-Family saga, as Nadya’s parents publicly turn on their daughter

-April Daniels Hussar

Denis Beaudoin Nadya SulemanYes people, just in case we were beginning to tire of the amazing Octo-Mom and her belly of rubber, along comes a new character to liven things up. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … OCTO-DAD!

Or is it?

Hmmm … only time – and a paternity test – will tell, but Denis Beaudoin, the man who would be Octo-Dad appeared on Good Morning America to chat about all things Nadya.

According to Denis (apparently not one to pass over his chance at 15 minutes), he and Nadya dated “seriously” for three years in the ‘90s. He was in love. She claimed she couldn’t conceive due to ovarian cancer, so he agreed to donate his sperm. Three times. Just your typical boy-meets-girl story, really.

ABC News reports: “Beaudoin said he thought it was ‘out of the ordinary’ when she asked him to donate. ‘But I cared about her so much. And I mean, we were, we were in love. I mean, I loved Nadya very much.'”

And you thought YOU had dating problems!

Alas, the Nadya he sees now on TV does not resemble the woman he used to know: “She looks different, sounds different. You know, it’s just not the Nadya I remember.”

And who exactly was the old Nadya?

Quoth Denis: “She really had a really infectious laugh. You know, just her laugh would, it would make you crack up. It’s kind of like she had a real high-pitch, squeaky cartoon voice. And, you know, she was a lot of fun to be around. Just her whole bubbly outward personality was really, really cool.”

Yep, nothing like 14 kids to take the zing out of your step.

So … as we keep asking every time a new development in this crazy story turns up … WHAT’S NEXT?

Denis says he wants a paternity test, but then what? And why didn’t he want a paternity test for the first six kids he supposedly fathered?

Nadya, for her part, is adamantly denying that Denis is the father. ABC news reports Nadya claims she can “prove” he’s not the father – and that she wasn’t able to conceive using his donated sperm.

MEANWHILE … Nadya Suleman’s own parents can’t seem to stay out of the limelight either.

Her father (Octo-Grandpa?) Ed Doud taped an Oprah segment slated to air later today (Tuesday), in which he reportedly “questions her mental situation.” Octo-Grandpa says his daughter’s actions – and the actions of her doctors – were “absolutely irresponsible.”

And – the icing on the train wreck cake –  just released a video of Nadya and her mother Angela duking it out over Nadya’s decision to have the octuplets.

Nadya Angela Suleman video

“I will never understand,” Angela says, “You should have considered your other six children.”

You can’t go back and alter the past. Done, done, done,” retorts Nadya, who says she refused to consider destroying the embryos, or – as her mother reminds her was an option – donating them to another infertile couple.

Of course, Nadya is right about one thing. What’s done IS done. There are eight new little souls in the world. By all accounts the babies are doing well, physically. But once their stay in the hospital is over, what kind of life will they – and their equally innocent siblings – lead?

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  1. I believe, for the babies safety, they should be removed from the home and she should move to Hollywood to pursue her career which she care about more then her children.

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