Is He Interested?

A woman asks whether or not a man seems interested in her.


Does He Want Me?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I’m an East Coast girl who went to college in California. I went back in November for a friend’s wedding, and happened to meet a friend of a friend. He wasn’t part of the group who was there for the wedding, but a senior at my old college (I graduated last year). We clicked and ended up spending most of my weekend there together, going out, having fun – although nothing physical happened, beyond a kiss. I returned home, and since then we have been e-mailing or IM’ing at least every week, on average about every other day, for anywhere from an hour to more than four.

I’m invited to another wedding out there this spring, and while I was originally not going to go, I now want to see him again. My question is: Would a guy spend this much time and effort (albeit online) if he weren’t serious?

Matt: I don’t know that I would call him “serious” about you, but he is certainly interested in you. It’s tough to gauge how serious someone is when all you’re doing is sending a casual e-mail/IM message for correspondence periodically. However, I would say he’s more interested if he called every now and then. It wouldn’t hurt to visit him, but don’t expect the world – keep your feelings in check and be aware of “the honeymoon effect” – that feeling you get when traveling and meeting someone new in such fun and happy circumstances.

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