Is WALMART Upping prices?

WALMART may be raising their prices for once.

We’re Watching!

Hey WALMART! Are you RAISING prices on us?

We’re watching!


WALMARTI used to be MORTIFIED if I ran into a friend or neighbor at WALMART. I’d hide behind my movie star Gucci sunglasses and burnt red lipstick, and dodge between aisles if I thought there was a hint of a possibility that I’d run into someone that I know. G-D Forbid!

I also crack myself up … how in the hell do I still shop at WALMART when I am FINALLY making a healthy living (Targét was always cool to be seen at…WALMART, not so much)?

So, why do I shop with the devil? … BECAUSE it’s CHEAP! The CHEAPEST! (I’m not stupid … why in the world would I pay $4.95 for the same General Mills box of cereal I can buy for $2.88 at WALMART? … does General Mills have a factory in CHINA?).

Hey, let’s face it … NO one can predict when this current financial crisis is going to be over or the ripple effect it will have on ALL of us – for years to come.


1. I observe a heck of a lot more people who look like me. I see shades of Prada, Marc Jabobs, and Fendi filling their overloaded carts with diapers, paper towels, and make-up. Could it be that a majority of women who look like me, talk like me, and dress like me NOW make WALMART trips on a regular basis, and not just the accidental, “I didn’t know where else to get little Johnnie’s school supplies?”

2. PRICES are on the rise!
Some things subtly, others not so not. Ensure (yes, I drink Ensure), I normally pay $6.88 for a 6-pack, and now it is $7.12 – not a big deal. However, I just paid $9.88 for my Aveeno lotion, when I used to pay $6.88 (WALMART seems to like “8’s”,….Me Too!)

3. What do I not notice? NO more “Rollback” (as in rollback prices) television commercials … Do you?

Anyway – WALMART – we just want you to know that we are watching you.

Your earnings may be “up” … but it’s only temporary if you think we’re going to stand for increased prices!

Please know that we love you, because you save us money that affords us the opportunity to do other things. But it personally hurts (like heartburn) when you raise prices on us.

You truly are one of our last hopes in comparison to most the REST of the WORLD who took advantage of great economic times (did anyone else out there NOT take advantage of the American consumer?). So, for that WALMART… we thank you!

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