Is He Bothered by the Extra Weight?

A woman asks if he boyfriend is bothered by her weight.


Do the Extra Pounds Get to Him?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Even before I gave birth to my two children I was overweight. Now I am more overweight than ever. My husband has been working out and looks great, so I’m wondering if my extra weight bothers him. What do you think?

Avery: The only way to know if your weight bothers your husband is to ask him. But, if your husband acted one way to you when you weighed less, and is different now, that may be a clue that your weight is also affecting his attraction to you. If he values his body and stays in great shape, you can bet that he’s noticed your weight gain, whether it bothers him or not. I would say that you should talk to him about it and just get it out there in the open.

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