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A woman seeks advice on whether or not she should stay at her current job.

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Dear Michele,

I have been at my current job for one year now and have been feeling discontent here for a few months. I think I’m realizing this just isn’t the right fit for me. I’m hesitant about looking for a new job, because I have not stayed at one job for too long in my career thus far and don’t know how that will be viewed.

My job history is as such: one company for two years, business school for my MBA for years, one company for two years, contract position for four months, this job for one year. Should I try to stay at this job longer, even though I’m not happy here, just because it may look bad to leave so soon?

— Thanks, Job Jumper

Dear Jumper,

It’s always a good idea to drill down on why you tend to leave jobs soon. Look at every job you’ve had and write down the reasons you took the job, and why you left the job. Any consistencies? Such as, “the boss was a jerk” in two or three jobs, or “I couldn’t get promoted” in a couple?

Let me give you some tough love: if you have a recurring problem in your workplaces, the common denominator — the thing that’s been consistent — is you, honey. Do you know what you want in a job? Are you evaluating the positions carefully enough? Are you taking the right jobs? Do you have the kind of communication skills that make surviving in a workplace possible?

Best suggestion — hire a qualified and experienced coach to help you assess your work history and teach you some tools and tactics to create success at work.

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