Jeff Beacher: "Why Criss Angel Stole My Cat!”

Jeff Beacher reveals why Criss Angel stole his cat.

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Jeff Beacher: “Why Criss Angel Stole My Cat!”

The Vegas showman desperately wants his pet back from the thieving magician

-Kelly Will

Criss AngelLast Friday, the news broke that a catnapping had taken place. The catnapper being Las Vegas magician Criss Angel. The victim/cat is named Hamlet and his bereft owner is Jeff Beacher. Beacher is the ringmaster of Beacher’s Madhouse, his own show in Vegas, which also features a troupe of little people in green oompa loompa makeup and attire. Paris Hilton is a huge fan and friend. Jeff talked to me to clear up the confusion and rumors.

GB: Why did Criss Angel take your cat?

Jeff Beacher: He’s Criss. Instead of asking me he just told me he was taking the cat. I went through some personal stuff after I lost my dad. Both my parents were gone and I needed to get myself together.

My friend Jennifer Madden was watching the cat and she was good friends with Criss. They were hanging out and he did his Criss Angel thing. He basically told her he would take care of the cat and he would call me to let me know he was watching him.

GB: Did you have a past friendship with Criss?

JB: We were acquaintances. I would NEVER have asked him to watch Hamlet for me.

GB: How did you find out Criss had Hamlet?

JB: He called me and said, “I’ve got your cat and we really like each other. The cat likes me and I’m keeping him.” Criss is delusional.

GB: How did Hamlet come to be in your family?

JB: I got the cat from a shelter and I gave him to my mom as a gift years ago. He’s a really affectionate cat. He’s all I have left of my family.

GB: How are you doing today?

JB: I’ve got a place for the cat to live and I’m feeling better. I will get the cat back. I have no doubt. I don’t want money or anything else. I just want my cat back from Criss.

Jeff’s show, Beacher’s Madhouse, is currently on tour and can be seen over Memorial Day weekend at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Starting on October 3rd, he will re-launch the show in Las Vegas at the Mirage.

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  1. criss is a freak and needs to get over himself – besides wearing an ok-amount of guyliner, he needs to be put in his place. and yes, danggirl, the world IS nuts!

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