Jennifer Aniston Beats Brad Pitt at the Box Office

Jennifer Aniston's beats Brad Pitt at the box office, and in life.


Jen: $37 million, Brad: $27 million

Living rich is the best revenge

-Judy McGuire

Brad Pitt and Jennifer AnistonThe tabloid tizzy reached a crescendo when it was announced that Brad Pitt’s long-awaited (and overly long) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would open the exact same weekend as his cuckolded ex-wife’s not-so-eagerly awaited doggie flick, Marley & Me. Now the box-office has spoken and it’s Jen in the leady by ten million buckeroos.

After being publicly humiliated on a fairly regular basis since her ex started schtupping co-star Angelina Jolie while the two were still married, Jen must feel a certain sweet satisfaction knowing her dopey doggie romp trounced Pitt’s serious snoozer. But naturally, it doesn’t really matter that Jen’s movie kicked ass (at least money-wise), all anyone seems to care about is her romantic life:

• Is Angelina, in fact, “uncool?”

• Is Jen so desperate for a date that her agent had to send out a plea for suitable arm candy?

• Is she still with John Mayer?

Sigh. Obviously a movie costarring Owen Wilson and an adorable Labrador aren’t a one-way ticket to being taken seriously, but at least the media could focus on similarly vapid rumors about her ex-husband, like say, “Brad Pitt allegedly furious after now-ex BFF George Clooney confessed he’d ‘seen cuter babies’ than Pitt’s.”

But they won’t. The double-standard is in effect, and while Aniston might not have a man at the moment, at least she’s got her millions to keep her warm.

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0 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Beats Brad Pitt at the Box Office

  1. I’m so tired of hearing about Brad/Angelina vs. Jen! Everyone needs to get. over. it. Every article about Jen is tied to Brad. It would be nice to see an independent side of her, (if that’s possible).

  2. I agree. Let’s get over it and let her live her life. Like Brangelina doesn’t get enough attention with their zoo.

    (Not knocking them, but damn I’m sick of hearing about them!)

  3. Aniston doesn’t have an independent side.
    Ever since they split, she’s been publicly whining. If she had any dignity, had EVER had any, she would have initially acknowledged that the situation was very painful, then kept her mouth shut. I would have respected her. I have none for her now. It’s bad enough to be left; but it’s worse when you keep whining to reporters of every little pain, week after week, month after month, because she wanted the attention about the breakup, and Pitt and Jolie didn’t. And it wasn’t just the tabloids like the National EnqQ that Aniston kept pouring out her heart to, but up-a-notch ones like People. She should have hired a doctor and solved her obvious problems privately, but it’s fun to be in the public eye, plumbing for pity.

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