Jesse James' Nazi Hat? Just Kidding!

Lawyer says repulsive headgear was a gag gift.

Jesse James’ Nazi Hat? Just Kidding!

Lawyer says repulsive headgear was a gag gift.

-Jane Farrell

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

The photo of Jesse James wearing a Nazi hat and giving a stiff-armed salute reminiscent of the infamous Heil Hitler gesture is nothing more than a joke in bad taste, according to his lawyer, Joe Yanny.

In fact, Yanny explained to CNN, the hat was actually a gag gift from James’ unnamed Jewish godfather. And, he emphasized, having neo-Nazi memorabilia doesn’t mean someone is a neo-Nazi. Furthermore, he pointed out that Jesse could not possibly be anti-Semitic because he spent some time on an Israeli kibbutz.

Excuse us if we take all this with a rather large grain of salt.

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The neo-Nazi picture, long rumored to exist, surfaced earlier this week and was printed by Us magazine  James’ girlfriend, the heavily tattooed Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, was photographed in a similar hat.

Since his split from Sandra Bullock last month, the bearded motorcyclist has been the subject of daily revelations, most often involving alleged girlfriends, tattoos and sex addiction. No surprise, then, that the Oscar-winning actress filed this week for divorce.

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At the same time, James said he was entering rehab for sex addiction, just like Tiger Woods. In explaining his decision to check into a facility, his spokeswoman said, “He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage.”

Excuse us if we’re not quite ready to believe that, either. (CNN)

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  1. Forget the Nazi head gear, now that carny side show act McBoobs is saying that he came in for a lap dance and whoops paid her $400 bucks to go down on him at the strip club she “dances” at. Hooker much? Nice of her to admit it right before going to court for a custody hearing, prossie pig. After seeing that freak he could have done about anything and it wouldn’t be as shocking as actually touching that human sewer rat.

    If she doesn’t lose custody of that child, there is no justice for that child. He needs to never see her again.

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