Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe

The frequently mocked crooner is sticking up for the talented actress.

Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe

The frequently mocked crooner is sticking up for the talented actress.

-Carolyn French

Jessica Simpson

Earlier this week Howard Stern gave us another reason to despise his misogynist-extraordinaire guts by calling Precious star Gabourey Sidibe an “enormous, fat black chick” who will never “be in another movie.”

Um, excuse you??

Echoing our disgust, Jessica Simpson is defending the fabulous young lady who most certainly WILL rock the big screen again and again.

“I’m actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that,” Simpson told E! News on Thursday night. “I just think that’s really disrespectful.”

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“It’s unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it,” the singer added. “She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 percent think she could get anything in the world that she wants.”

Well put Jess! And, let it be known that Gabourey has already secured a role on Showtime’s The Big C, so you can crawl back under your rock now Mr. Stern. (E! Online)

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0 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Defends Gabourey Sidibe

  1. Let’s definately curb free speech by bashing Howard Stern and ignore the fact that his comments also stated the fact that she is obese and this can lead to health risks and early death. OK Gabourey, your inability to watch your weight is commended and I’m sure during all of your future movie roles, you won’t having to worry about having a stroke in the middle of one of them.

  2. wow pj352 I’m sure Gabourey knows about the health problems that comes with being obese and because of you attitude towards what Stern said I’m going to believe that you have never been obese so you don’t know how hard it is to lose that much weight. Especially when being that heavy can cause insulin resistance, a precurser to diabeties. When you have insulin resistance your body constantly craves sugar and what types of food have the most sugar, fatty ones. When your body is fighting you every step of the way to lose weight and you experiance that kind of physical and emotional pain then you can say something that is rude and hurtful.

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