Jessica Simpson: Has Celebrity Gossip Gone Too Far?

Us Weekly is breathlessly reporting that Jessica Simpson broke wind. Seriously.
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Jessica Simpson

So yes, I tend to think of celebs as people with unusual jobs and more money than me. But guess what? I am sure they, like Jessica Simpson also pee, poop, bleed when they get a paper cut and yelp a little when they get a bikini wax, too. (Well, maybe George Clooney doesn’t do the last one.)

I have always believed that when someone seeks to make their career in entertainment, they have to take the good and bad that goes along with it (just as we do in our careers), but I actually think that this story has taken things too far and definitely falls into the category of TMI.

But is it any wonder that we have crossed that line, when Twitter is giving celebs the chance to do that to themselves on a daily basis? I am amazed by the random things that stars Tweet about their lives. Don’t these people have a filter? (And I am not just talking about John Mayer).

I went to Jessica’s Twitter feed to see if she had responded to the story (as stars nowadays are wont to do). Instead I found a Tweet where she says: “My Nana is having a tumor removed tomorrow. I have to have faith in prayer”

Damn, I am feeling kinda sorry for Jessica, she has really gotten pulled through the wringer over the past year. (Yes, there is that relating to her as a friend thing again.)

Tell us: What do you think of Us’ story about Jessica Simpson? Do you think it went too far?

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0 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: Has Celebrity Gossip Gone Too Far?

  1. I DO think this has gone too far … it’s all over every celeb site, Twitter, etc & not because it’s another “they’re just like us” but because “omg, she farted!” – Everyone farts! Haha

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