Jon Gosselin Doesn't Want Kate on Dancing With The Stars

The aspiring celebrity dad doesn't want his ex-wife away from their kids.

Jon Gosselin Doesn’t Want Kate on Dancing With The Stars

The aspiring celebrity dad doesn’t want his ex-wife away from their kids.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Jon Gosselin

Less than a year after moving several hours away from his kids, Jon Gosselin is lashing out at his ex-wife Kate for doing something similar.

“Jon’s angry because doing Dancing With the Stars will keep her away from the kids for days, and she still won’t let him have any extra custody,” a source close to Jon said. “[Kate is] obsessed with being a celebrity.”

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Does Jon think this is different because Kate isn’t following true love, the way he was? Or is he just too blind to admit that both he and his ex are enamored with the same “fame monster?”

“[She] doesn’t stop to think about whether or not the kids will miss her,” the source said.

Pot, meet kettle. After last year’s Gosselin display, is any of this nonsense surprising? (Perez Hilton)

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0 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin Doesn't Want Kate on Dancing With The Stars

  1. They are both Media Whores and want the limelight,but I think at least Kate is saying “where is the money gonna come from for these kids?’,Where as Jon is just “can someone please snap my picture”.
    Look REAL celebraties have been doing this for years,without all the notoriety(well maybe some),but not to this extent.
    The difference is they are notorouis,and the others are celebraties.
    Pray for the wee ones,let’s see how they turn out. The apple does’nt fall from the tree,etc… We know all the sayings,we just have to wait and see if it’s nature v/s nurture. And pray really really hard! FOR ALL OF THEM! And by pray I mean cross your fingers on both hands, and WISH really really extra hard,that things will just turn out like a hollywood ending.

  2. this guy is a joke. if he was so concerned about being with his children, why does he live in a different state? i think he’s all about the money, not being a father. he needs to put on his BIG BOY PANTS, and go on with his sorry life.

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