Jon Gosselin's Legal Nightmare

As his trial with TLC approaches, the reality star is worried about what his former pals will say on the witness stand
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Jon Gosselin’s Legal Nightmare

As his trial with TLC approaches, the reality star is worried about what his former pals will say on the witness stand

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Jon Gosselin

As Jon Gosselin prepares to face off against TLC in court on December 14, his allies and new enemies are being called on to testify as witnesses for the TV network, which produces Jon and Kate Plus 8. While Jon is reportedly filing a $5 million countersuit against TLC, an insider tells BettyConfidential that Jon’s biggest concern is what Michael Lohan will say on the stand.

“Jon really allowed Michael into every bit of his life,” the insider says. “Michael came to the house, met the children and was the force behind getting Jon to put the brakes on the TLC show being renamed Kate Plus 8.”

The source says Michael put many ideas into Jon’s head, including comparing Kate and the kids to Dina, Lindsay and his other children. “Michael was giving Jon specific advice about his family with warnings about working peacefully with Kate, and how to try to avoid a public battle like he has with Lindsay,” the insider says.

Michael Lohan

“Michael told Jon to look at his family and make them the real priority now, ending the show for their sake. He was quick to use Dina and Lindsay as references and he willingly offered advice to Jon about how to avoid the mess he’s dealing with now. But most of his advice backfired for Jon.”

As BettyConfidential reported last week, Jon has cooled his friendship with Michael, who had hoped to star in a TV show together with Jon called Divorced Dads’ Club, but now that he’s been frozen out, there’s no telling what Michael will say on the stand. As we’ve seen lately in his outbursts about his daughter Lindsay, Michael is a loose cannon. And that’s just what Jon is worried about.

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0 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin's Legal Nightmare

  1. I kind of hope Jon wins, if only because it will mean Gosselin-free TV. Jon and Kate both need to get real jobs and get back to parenting those beautiful kids. The show has obviously been a disaster for their family, and the children are going to be the victims of their parents’ selfish choices.

  2. I agree with Cossette729; I, too, would like to see a Gosselin-free TV, magazine, cover, etc… However I would hate to see Jon win then use his beautiful children for another TV show just to “get more money for the children’s future.”

  3. I watched this show from time to time before the divorce nonsense. What I saw was an abused Jon. Now, what I see is an angry Jon who is making lots of mistakes. But, the mistake he is not making is attempting to put an end to this show. These parents need to stop using their children. No more Gosselins, I am sick and tired of the whole nonsense

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