Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

Try to keep your lunch down as you read the latest on Mr. Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend

Try to keep your lunch down as you read the latest on Mr. Gosselin.

-Carolyn French

Jon Gosselin

Uggh, we knew it would only be a matter of time before down-and-out Jon Gosselin managed to charm his way into yet another unlucky lady’s pants life.

How does he do it??

Jon, who has been single since October, is now dating 25-year-old Morgan Christie. The pair met in Utah and word is that the Connecticut native’s parents are totally loaded (what … a … shock).

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Things are apparently going so well that the publicity fanatic had dinner with Morgan’s family on Sunday.

“I was sensing some nervousness in him,” an onlooker told People. “Jon and Morgan came in first and sat in the bar for about 15 minutes until her family got there, and when they were walked to their table, Jon was carrying a drink in each hand. Then at dinner they all drank a few bottles of wine.”

Both Morgan and her parents must be clinically insane. And, do they live under a rock, or what? Go to PopEater for more on this story. (PopEater, People)

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0 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

  1. here we go again! how long will this one last? how pathetic of this woman dating him now. all he wants is sex and her money (since his is running out). i give it 3 months tops.

  2. kate likes the young fresh guys..Kate dating her hairdresser,which he looks like a teenager..I believe kate going threw a mid-life crisis..OH! she a wannbe celebs,that the way of life for the women.It looks better for a man to date a younger woman than it does for a woman to date a younger man…In the dating world shoot for the young & wealthy….

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