Jon Gosselin: Secrets and Lies

The reality show star is getting tangled up in his own web of deceit.
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Jon Gosselin: Secrets and Lies

The reality show star is getting tangled up in his own web of deceit.

-Kelly Will

Jon Gosselin

Was there a person alive who believed Jon Gosselin when he told Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Sunday: “I’m not a fame seeker.”


Over the past week or so, it’s been hard to turn on the television and not see Jon Gosselin’s receding hairline on one of the nightly entertainment shows.

Is this the behavior of someone who is trying to shy away from the spotlight? Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

 Jon Gosselin

An insider tells BettyConfidential that the reason Jon has been appearing on TV so much lately is because he’s been getting paid to do it — and he needs the cash.

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“Jon has resorted to taking money to talk nonstop about his personal life,” the source says, “and it’s more about what he is getting paid than what he is actually talking about.” And he’s also reportedly been pushing his gal pal Hailey Glassman to do the same — which would explain her tearful confessions about Jon’s “mantrums” on The Insider last week.

Among her claims: “Sometimes he has trouble with the truth,” she said of Jon, “and he will dance and dance around his lies.”


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0 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin: Secrets and Lies

  1. Truth will out. Jon needs to forget about being a celebrity. He needs to first get a job. It will help him feel more centered as a man. Second, He needs to concentrate on his relationship with the kids without a girlfriend. Third, He needs to make ammends to the family and own his part in this. Liars will never prosper.

  2. Jon get a job I find that hilarious! The whole point of all these manipulations and lies is to make money and he really doesn’t care if it is at the expensive of his children or his soon to be ex-wife! Hailey is a dumb young woman with no man experience, she is being used and doesn’t
    even know it, what a idiot! Jon Gosselin

  3. All of you are right. They both need to get a real job in order to feel like real human beings again & not reality stars. If Kate wants to continue writing & not go back to nursing, so be it. It’s time to get out of the lime light.

  4. The reason Jon may have trouble with the truth is, he was so verbally, emotionally and mentally abused by Kate, he learned that lying meant less chastising from her. I’d lie too if I thought that every time I told someone the truth I was belittled to the ground – and most of the time when there was an audience for her. Have you people not paid attention to the way Kate really IS??? Have you not watched the show and heard how she talked down to Jon??? My husband talked down to me just exactly the way Kate talked to Jon and I left him and now he is all heartbroken. Awwww. Maybe you ALL need to sit back and take a good, long look at the way YOU treat other people. Listen to the tone of your voice. Do you roll your eyes alot? Do you say “Oh, whatever” alot? Then you just might be an abuser also. Nobody wants to hear the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They want live it as “do unto others anyway you have to, to get everything your way.”

  5. Oh, and another thing….go back and view any of the first episodes. Kate looked like a typical, frumpy housewife with over-permed mousy brown hair, an overweight, unattractive figure and Jon’s looks haven’t changed. HE isn’t the one who had to go get his hair bleached and cut into a horrific-looking punk rock haircut and have tons of plastic surgery so HE could look the “hollywood” part. He stayed the same. It’s KATE that changed for the worse…or more like the WORST.!!!

  6. Ok. One last comment. Look this up online….symptoms of an abusers are…a person who asks and answers her own questions…a person who says “WE” when talking to a person what she doesn’t want another person to do or say…such as “Jon, WE shouldn’t take our motorcycle out today because WE need to watch the kids for me while I go shopping.” I’ve heard her do that and heard her ask/answer her own questions so much, everytime I see her interviewed I want to go through the TV and jap-slap her. I don’t know how Jon stayed with her as long as he did without being totally insane or killing her.

  7. he’s finally able to start growing,something kate wouldn’t allow him let’s face it. he’s on his own,but acting like an insane teen.he has never mentally matured since he met her. she would not allow it.he was her puppet.

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