Jon & Kate Plus Divorce

Guess who came out on top? Hmm...

Jon & Kate Plus Divorce

Guess who came out on top? Hmm…

-Carolyn French

Jon & Kate Plus 8

It’s over! Jon Gosselin officially had his butt handed to him this morning by Judge Arthur Tilson, who put the final nail in the coffin of the Jon & Kate saga.

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On Wednesday Kate’s attorney confirmed that she will get to keep the infamous home she once shared with Mr. Moron. And TMZ discovered that Jon was ordered to cough up child support (5 figures per month), which is such a shame seeing as he is no longer permitted to whore himself … boo hoo.

What’s more, the slimy toad will have to put back the $235,000 he withdrew from the former couple’s joint account. Kate, on the other hand, is off the hook when it comes to the cash she extracted to take care of her brood.

Kate has primary custody and Jon is allowed to visit.

“I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the New Year, focusing on our children,” the breadwinner stated.

Tell us: Are you totally OD’ing on laughter? The deadbeat dad finally got what he deserved! Karma is a brat. (Us Magazine, TMZ)

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0 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus Divorce

  1. I’m glad he had to give the $230,000 back, I mean what kind of person wants to take all the money away from the person who is caring for your children??? I do hope that Kate learns from this, and that if she does find a new beau that she can’t treat him like she treated Jon, because it isn’t right. I also hope that Jon grows some balls and actually becomes a man for once in his life.

  2. Kate/Jon over with now it Tiger&Elin turn to be torn apart…Well,Jon a man & have balls,but some men grow up & some men never grow up,and I think Jon one that will never grow up..I wish the best for Kate/Jon..

  3. Kate sheeples fans on Radar posted that TLC paid for Kate mansion,plus, gave kate money when Jon took from the account..How lucky Kate is..I’m sure kate/Jon will work something out to get along why they are around the children..Who knows Kate/Jon just might be the best of friends since the divorce is over,that how it works w/ a couple after a divorce,even some couples reunites without marriage,that would be AWESOME!! esp: for the children…

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