Jon & Kate Plus Hate

The trash talking continues between the warring couple and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon

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Jon & Kate Plus Hate

The trash talking continues between the warring couple and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon

-Kelly Will

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Jon and Kate Gosselin are teaching the world how not to handle a divorce. Sources inside both camps warn that the children are being used as pawns as the estranged couple fights over money.

“Sadly, the kids are not Jon’s first priority, not matter what he may say,” an insider tells BettyConfidential. “He is loving his new life in New York with Hailey Glassman but he needs a lot of money to live that lifestyle and he’s ready to throw Kate under the bus to get what he needs.”

The source says that Jon is even talking to strangers about his problems with Kate and is sharing his frustrations and asking for advice. “He wants constant attention — it’s ridiculous,” the insider says. “Jon’s taken a real turn for the worse and is willing to trash Kate to anyone and then he plays hurt by her recent actions.”

As far as Kate goes, friends say she wants to do what is in the best interests of their eight kids, but she’s prepared to mow down Jon in the process. “Kate is so tired of Jon’s antics and she dislikes him as much as he dislikes her. She can’t believe he is the man she loved for so many years, and lately she’s been admitting that the man she knew is gone for good,” an insider says. “It would be best if they never spoke to each other again about anything except the children’s schedules and let the lawyers hash everything else out. When Jon approaches Kate in front of the kids, she shuts him down. Her disgust is making it hard for her to stay clear on what she needs for the children, and not let her anger and bitterness sway her.”

We pity the arbitrator, lawyers and judges involved.


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0 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus Hate

  1. Wow I really would like to stop hearing about these two. At first I felt bad that they had to go through a divorce in front of the whole world but now they just disgust me. The poor children!

  2. This entire situation really makes me sad. I feel badly for both Jon and Kate, not because of what either one has allegedly done, but, because their situation is aired out for all to critique. I feel terribly sorry for the children for a lot of reasons but, mainly because their childhood has been somehow I feel, taken from them, with all of this going on. Oh wow, life can be so difficult!!!

  3. This is so natural for people with money, this doesnt surprise me at all. You wont see someone in the news that are living in a tent trying to hash things out. I still enjoy the show and I still enjoy watching the kids grow up. The will do what they have to do, thats part of life and living in the media. Peace and Love,Sonia

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