Jon and Kate Plus Hate?

Marital discord between the stars of Jon and Kate Plus Eight

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Jon and Kate Plus Hate?

Beware the reality-show star curse…

-Judy McGuire

Jon and Kate on setIf Nick and Jessica taught us nothing else (well, besides that Chicken of the Sea isn’t actually poultry), it’s that inviting cameras into your marriage is a recipe for disaster.

This latest on-screen marital mismatch is between Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight little tax deductions. First Jon gets accused of stepping out on shrewish Kate Gosselin with some nubile young grade-school teacher. Now rumors are swirling that Kate’s been banging one of her security detail for months. (Who knew reality stars even warranted security? I can’t imagine accosting Daisy of Love at the grocery store. Can you?)

Of course, any sort of celebrity strife brings all the embarrassing relations scrambling out of the woodwork. RadarOnline has an interview with Kate’s brother and sister-in-law, saying the marriage has been over for six months. Kevin Krieder, the brother dearest, also adds that his “sister Kate wants to be a talk-show host, and she really is starting to believe her own press.”

Meanwhile, the other woman in the sordid story–Deanna Humel–also has a chatty brother. Though Deanna disputes his tale, the brother claims “The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who’s, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast.”

Though I suppose we’ll have to tune in and actually sit through their show to find out how this all plays out, one lesson I think we can all take from this is that if you ever get famous, make sure your big-mouth brothers are on the payroll.

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0 thoughts on “Jon and Kate Plus Hate?

  1. Anyone who would allow their children to be the subject of a reality TV show is clearly insane in the first place — so nothing would surprise me of these two.

  2. I never understand why family members seems so willing to talk to the media. But then — in a weird way, all this crapola is probably good for their ratings … with is just so screwed up.

  3. i agree, danggirl – why would one subject the loves of their life to “reality” tv? wtf? also, kate seems like a TOTAL control freak so no wonder jon probably cheated – he wanted to be in a place where he could let the tail between his legs go free!

  4. I agree. Who would put their family on a TV show? I’ve heard that they get a lot of money for it (and they’ll need it), but still. Is it really worth all the crap that goes on? Is it really worth having strangers know your every move? Is it really worth turning your life upside down for some money?

  5. I think it’s horrible to be talking about these people’s children as “little tax deductions” it was done in poor taste, and is not the reason the couple had the children in the first place. Secondly, where did you get these so called “quotes” from the “brothers” of these people? Have you checked your sources? I doubt you have, seeing as how the couple has already come out against this load of crap about cheating, and all of the nasty rumors going about involving them and their innocent children. I think before you pass judgment on these people, which I think is a pretty big no no in general, you look at ALL of the facts, not what you hear or read in the mainstream media. I will NOT be rating your tasteless article with more than two stars. And I am appalled that you would be so judgmental when I’m sure you are no better than these people.

  6. once for all lets face that kate has emotionally abused her husband, be him a great father or not, and this is a product of a very dysfunctional relationship in which a woman has lost all concept and theory of what makes a man be a good husband and father. men dont stray from a fellow partner who has a respect and understanding of a fellow partner who is attempting to raise 8 children in this day and age…i dont blame jon if he has strayed… she has degraded him to the treatment of an animal and such animal has an instinct….to go where he is needed and respected.

  7. Oh, please – wake up. He is doing this chick, she is doing that guy. People — this happens everyday in regular society — it’s just unfortunate that because of the reality show, they get all this publicity. There are probably underlying problems in the marriage that led to the cheating (if it is, in fact, true)– having 8 small children to raise is hard enough by itself, much less maintaining a marriage — i don’t see how either of them have any time for sex with each other, much less someone else. And while Kate can seem like a drill instructor at times, he seems like if she didn’t put the hammer down, he would just let her handle it all and people — 8 kids is a lot to handle plus all the other everyday household issues. I am disappointed that they are having problems, but I think in this circumstance, it is expected — whether you are on t.v. or not.

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