Daily Dish: Jon & Kate's Birthday Battle

Kate Gosselin wants to limit Jon's time with the twins on their birthday.

Daily Dish: Jon & Kate’s Birthday Battle

Kate wants to limit Jon’s time with the twins on their birthday.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Jon and Kate

If you thought Jon and Kate Gosselin would agree to pull out of the spotlight and work things out amicably for the kids, you might want to go back to bed.

America’s craziest couple since Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are now fighting about their twins’ birthday, which is today.

“Thursday is Cara and Mady’s 9th birthday,” Kate told People. She said she plans to bake a cake, because that will “feel normal and happy.”

“That’s my focus to get through the next two days,” Kate said.

It seems that baking is not her only focus. Jon went to ET Online (naturally!) to complain that Kate will only give him two hours at their house with the girls before sending him packing.

“That’s like giving her full custody by obeying her,” Jon said. “She can’t tell me what to do. I’m not going to allow it. I’m just going to stay there, she can’t really say anything.”

According to Jon’s desperate plea for attention sympathy, Kate wants to change their arrangements from a full weekend of Mom and Dad time for the kids to two hours for Dad on Thursday evening, which has Jon concerned about getting back to the big bad city alone.

“Where am I going to go? I live in New York! I’ll probably have to get a hotel room, or I’ll just fight to the death with her about sleeping on my own property. I own the house, so I can do what I want.”

It sounds like Jon is having one of his children write his public statements. Yes, Jon, you are indeed a big boy and you can do what you want – just don’t expect to get any sympathy from us for your choices.

Oh, and happy birthday Mady and Cara! Be sure to give your parents a time-out if you need a little “you time.” (People)

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  1. thank goodness kids have each other– so when they grow up they’ll know they aren’t crazy –cause 7 other kids remember the same thing and can confirm the story with their shrink!

    Oh, and when is Kate finally going to get rid of the bird nest on her hair!

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