Jon & Kate's Big Announcement

What's up next for Jon and Kate?


Jon & Kate’s Big Announcement

What’s up next for the reality stars?

-Stephanie Elliot

My, what a difference a year makes. Really, it hasn’t even been a year since Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in Hawaii, with all eight children in attendance last August (which I personally thought was a TV stunt to get more viewers – who renews their vows after nine years?). And here we are, the month of their 10th anniversary and the world is awaiting a “huge announcement” that will be aired on tonight’s hour-long episode of Jon & Kate.

Of course, everybody’s guess is that the two will separate or divorce, and video clips previewing tonight’s show lead the viewer to believe that may happen.

In one clip Kate admits they have made some life-changing decisions that will affect every member of their family, and that they hope these decisions will bring them all peace.

In another, Kate looks as if she has spent a lot of time crying on the confessional couch. Incidentally, the couch is not as cozy as it has been in previous seasons, a subliminal hint that the two are moving apart? In the off chance the two have been taped on the couch together, they are light-years apart, physically, mentally and certainly emotionally.

Kate talks about how she wants to do the right thing for her kids, yet she has been “caught” again. She says it doesn’t matter where she and Jon are in their relationship; her kids still matter the most to her. “We haven’t really known where we’ve been going but we’ve been dealing with this for a long time … a slow progression,” Kate says from her spot on the couch, solo, a box of tissues nearby.

In the clip, Jon, also taped alone, seems to agree: “It just got worse and worse and worse,” he admits. He also says people say he has changed. He agrees, “I have changed. I am now the person I know I am.”

Does that mean that he is a man who no longer wants to be married to Kate? Does it mean that he was unfaithful? Does this mean that he wants to ride off on his new motorcycle and head for Utah to snowboard? One can only guess, and we’ll just have to wait until tonight’s airing of Jon & Kate to find out the answers

And what does all of this speculation mean for the show? The family is contracted for 25 episodes, so it’s definitely going to make for some interesting reality TV. I have to wonder, did the TV portion of their lives drive them to whatever decision they will be announcing, or the fact that there are so many children, and that Kate is demanding, and that Jon can be like a ninth child drive them to the next step in their lives?

Whatever the case may be – divorce, a separation, Jon keeps the boys while Kate keeps the girls (that’s just my fantasy for the future of the show!) – TLC is certainly making the most of it. Jon and Kate have always said that the show is the family’s business, their means of monetary support. My guess is that the two of them are going to do whatever it takes to keep the ratings up, regardless of how it may affect eight very susceptible children, and that’s the saddest part of it all.

Kate indicates they plan to go forward “stronger, better, wiser,” but I wonder, will continuing to let America peep into their lives really be a wise decision? While I think not, you can bet I’ll be watching tonight to see what their big news is.

Hey, on second thought, if this big announcement is going to shock America, maybe they’re pregnant again!

Stephanie Elliot is an associate editor at Betty, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at or

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26 thoughts on “Jon & Kate's Big Announcement

  1. Bleh — the only thing I hope to see is an announcement that they’re canceling the show and taking their family out of the limelight so they can take care of their kids, and try to make up for some of the exploitation they’ve endured.

  2. Jon & Kate just get me so angry sometimes, they aren’t even what the people are interested about. Honestly I only watch the show cause their kids are so damn cute!

  3. I pray that for there Children sake that they will try to mend the hearts that they have broken, They have been through so much. And it would be so sad to watch them through that all a way. And it all feel apart of the dam show. I could not or would not let my Husband and I split, I would leave the show. And work out my marrage. Its not going to hurt them as much as it will the kids, They are the ones who are really going to suffer,I will never understand how people just through marrage away like they do. When you marry you are supposed to be there til death do you part. This day in age, Its not anything like that.
    IM praying for the kids, Since it seems they are the ones who are lost in the mist of all of this.
    Patty Mosso

  4. D-R-A-M-A …

    Media/TV commercials always make you think something when it’s opposite. Kate’s probably pregnant, but I really hope she’s not.

    They definitely should quit the show & concentrate on their family.

  5. This is why reality TV is bad. Putting themselves and their kids in the spot light like this is just wrong. I hope the studio lets them cancel this season and just focus on the kids

  6. What I find so crazy is that the show was to be about the kids and Kate wants to make it about her . Talk about ratings!! Big announcement ?? Lets play the fans and get the ratings up is more like it!

  7. It’s really sad how 8 little kids have to suffer because of their parents greed – come on $75,000. per episode? Isn’t that a little rediculous? I had 4 children and sure would have enjoyed living in a home valued at over $1 million – and certainly my life is much more interesting than theirs will ever be – i say take them off the air and let them live like ordinary people that have to work for a living – not getting everything handed to them.

  8. Isn’t there a point where Motherhood overshadows Hollywood? Seriously, as much as I enjoy a good(???) reality show, i am a mother and the well being of those kiddos has to win out.

  9. Got no idea what is going on between the two of them, but Jon’s attitude gets on my nerves. He complains about having a big family and all the chaos and responsibility… so what! ONCE YOU GOT THE KIDS, YOU LOST THE CHOICE, Jon. Grow up! Their relationship will never be over for eight compelling little reasons.

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