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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Update

Jon hangs with girlfriend on Kate’s birthday … and more drama

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You can’t turn around without seeing pictures of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood of eight splashed everywhere. Six weeks and running, the couple has graced the front cover of US Weekly; John’s face will be plastered People‘s cover this week; and the world is completely fascinated by them and their misery.

There continues to be more and more fodder to feed the frenzy. Most recently, reports are that Kate was home celebrating her 34th birthday with the children while Jon was out on the town with his “girlfriend,” Deanna Hummel, 23.

“I went out to Utah for, like, five days,” Jon says. “I just wanted to get back out there and ride with my friends. It just happened to fall on Kate’s birthday.”

A source confirmed for Us Weekly that Jon and Hummel were together that night.

In other Jon and Kate news, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has come down hard on the famous couple, saying they have “exposed and exploited” their children.

“We only see what the editors decide to put in. What is it, one-hundredth, one-thousandth of the amount of filming that’s done? I don’t think the audience appreciates that. The cameras don’t run by themselves. What, do they have 30 or 40 people there filming these kids?” said Dr. Michael Brody of the Academy. “This is tough. Privacy, space, what you express to people. Like any family, it’s a little too harsh to call it family secrets, but there are certain things that go on in the family that are not brought on outside. But in this, everything is exposed.”

Brody continues, “It’s not normal for an eight-year-old or a five-year-old to be working to support their family,” Brody asserts. “It’s not normal that they should have their privacy invaded. It is not normal that they should have to only express certain things.”

There was also the news last week that Jon and Kate Plus 8 is under investigation for possibly violating child labor laws (not good news for Octomom, now is it?).

Speaking of Octomom, of course, she had to get in her twelve-millionth minute of fame by rebuking some comments Kate Gosselin made on Dr. Phil earlier this year about the hard road ahead for Nadya Suleman.

“Do I have to watch it? She reminds me of my mother,” said Suleman, in an interview with Radar Online released Tuesday morning. “I have moved past my mistakes. She has her own issues. . . . She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention.”

Kate’s hair has sparked plenty of attention in its own right. Called everything from a “backwards mullet” to looking “like a wolverine chewed on the back of her head”, people are almost as outraged by her (hideous if you ask us) hair as they are by the infidelity. Check out this slideshow of what stars like Angelina Jolie would look like with the Kate-do.

Of course, the show’s ratings are soaring as high as the back of Kate’s hair – almost 10 million people tuned into the season’s première, and there’s talk of an Emmy.

No one, however, can think that the price they’re paying is worth any of it. For all the scintillating gossip they’re providing, it’s still the children for whom we have nothing but sympathy, and that they’re stuck in the middle of such an ugly, public mess is a heartbreaking outrage.

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0 thoughts on “Jon and Kate Plus 8 Update

  1. terrible to sya, but they shold get the divorce already so that the kids can get out of this terrible limbo and at least start to know, for sure, that life is now going to be something other than it was. As if their little guts aren;t telling them that evrything is wrong with their parents right now… Jon and Kate are fools to think the kids aren’t being affected, but of course, TLC is smart enough not to show us the meltdowns I’m sure the kids are having over this.

  2. her hair! it really is just awful and unfortuantley i think the women of america are copying it because i see it everywhere. the horror is spreading!

  3. octomom looks like she’s on drugs or is high and like she had a thousand plastic surgeries – personally, she also looks like morticia addams from the addams family. octomom and kate gosselin have a LOT in common = both freaks and obnoxious 😉

  4. What does Octomom mean by saying “Histronic?” I didn’t get that.
    And obviously Nadya is still effed in the head. But then again, so is Kate.

  5. Child labor laws? really? everytime is see the kids on tv they are playing and happy. They seem like really good well-adjusted kids. I can’t believe the buzz about Kate’s hair. People need to get lives and look in the mirror before they start bashing others.

  6. I don’t think they should get divorced. As long as nobody’s being abused, I don’t think that’s ever the best path to take. I do think they should get off the TV and work on their marriage, though. And Kate’s hair too. Definitely work on that.

  7. I may not agree with everything the Gosslins have done, but when you have 8 kids and you get offered a LOT of money to just film your life, most people would do it. What gets me is before all of the cheating stuff started everyone just loved them. You can’t say that isn’t true because if it wasn’t TLC wouldn’t have kept them on the air. And they wouldn’t have been on all these other shows. NO BODY said 1 thing about those kids welfare UNTIL all the cheating talk started.

  8. It still hasn’t hit her, I don’t think so anyway. She seems very disconnected, it will be a real struggle when they start moving around. Right now she has to look like shes in control, but I gaurantee she is not. The first time those babies all cry in unison, she will be like, oh s***t. I know parents get flustered when there kids cry in chruch, and it’s 1 child, now multiply that x 8. Scary

  9. I feel like this was bound to happen .. they put themselves in the spotlight. I hate how the media exaggerates the situation that “Kate vacations alone” – My sister, brother, and mom all go on vacation and my dad stays home and works – and LOVES having the house to himself. They’re celebrities now. Who knows what really goes on behind closed doors. No matter how many interviews with different magazines, news stations, etc, things can change in a second – no one will ever know the “truth.” Child labor laws? No …

  10. She seems like a rebellious teenager, rolling her eyes, muttering under her breath, “ladaladalada” what was that?? Anyway, they’re only trying to built animosity and competition to boost ratings for her new show. I woouldn’t be surprised to see “Team Kate” and “Team Octomom” t-shirts soon.

  11. I’ve never watched the show but I LOVE her hairstyle. Those celebrities actually look better in her hair style. She looks younger and more stylish than her original look

  12. I like her hair…she finally found a hairstyle that goes well with her body and face. Heck, it goes well with her lifestyle too since she has 8 kids to run after.

    And who does Nadya think she is??? All Kate said about her was “she has a long road ahead.” Which says nothing bad about her. So how about Nadya shuts up and tries to remember that she too has plans of a reality show.

    You know what??? I wanted to be a journalist until everything I saw on TV, read on newspapers, and heard on the radio were bad news or gossip about a celebrity’s mistake. If some of you would like to criticize Kate and Jon, then take a good look in the mirror. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If you still want to criticize them for exploiting their kids, then just stop watching the show!!!! If the ratings drop low enough, their contract won’t be renewed.

  13. Since the Gosselins are going to be everywhere we look anyway, the network should do a real reality view of the situation. Involve Dr. Phil and get this couple some counseling…air it all out…then decide to divorce. Divorce is too often a result of one of the spouses needing attention and real affirmation. the kids will be thr real losers if this couple divorces without letting their pride go and really attempting to fix and make the situation better.

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