Just Had Sex? Tell the World!

A new Web site lets you share where, when and how you did the deed.
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Just Had Sex? Tell the World!

A new Web site lets you share where, when and how you did the deed.

-Carrie Seim

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You just scored a home run with some very lucky guy. High five! What’s a girl to do next? Curl up for a post-coital cuddle? Doze off for some sweet dreams? Snore … In these Twittering times, Casanovas can sprint off to their laptops and crow their conquest to the world.

The new Web site IJustMadeLove.com helps you sing your seduction from the webtops. With a few clicks, you can proudly post exactly where, when and how you made sweet, sweet love. Anonymously, of course.

Looks like Shag & Post is the new Kiss & Tell.

The site features an interactive world map littered with pairs of pink and blue bunnies, each enjoying its own National Geographic moment. (Horny hotspots get huge bunnies, more subdued locales get baby bunnies.) It’s like a Global Positioning System, emphasis on the “position.”

You can spy on other liaisons around the globe, which are up to 30,375 and counting. (Yes, there’s a “Love Counter.”)

While some cities are more wanton than others (I’m looking at you, New York and Paris), folks are doing the nasty in all corners of the map. From North Dakota to Bolivia to Egypt to Indonesia, love is in the air. And in the park. And in the shower …

When it’s time to post your own shag shenanigans, you begin by pinpointing the place your “sexy time” went down. Type in an exact address and zoom all the way down to house level. (Why do I have a feeling that button is going to be abused by fraternity brothers and workplace enemies the world over?)

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0 thoughts on “Just Had Sex? Tell the World!

  1. bellavita says:

    This is gross! It sounds like it was created by some douchey guys so they could have one huge bro high five.

  2. kitty says:

    Um — srsly — this takes “social networking” a bit far. Who’s to stop people from posting nasty things about OTHER people’s addresses?

  3. Candice says:

    This is …. interesting.

  4. vdub4 says:

    HOORAYYYYYYY! I just had sex… Wait, does “with myself” count?! :)

  5. Fern says:

    Seriously! You should be able to choose just one stick figure for those “with myself” moments

  6. bigladybug says:

    My face is a glowing…I just had sex!!! I’m proud and wish to share with all,now only if if u knew the “juicey” details…

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