Just Married! Now What?

Jenna Mahoney just got married, now what?
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Just Married! Now What?

Introducing a new series chronicling the first year of a marriage

-Jenna Mahoney

Jenna Mahoney and her husbandHola. My name is Jenna and as of exactly one month ago, I became a Mrs. (insert uncontrollable glee!) My new husband and I are happily wearing rings that sparkle. We love calling each other Husband and Wifey, even when it isn’t necessary. And we beam with pride when people congratulate us. But when they ask the all-important “How’s married life?” We aren’t quite so sure what to say.

Maybe that’s because so far, marriage has been exhausting.

Actually, let me rephrase that – marriage isn’t exhausting – we are. You see, we had a large wedding with loads of international guests. (Husband hails from España.) Well, I suppose it is that and the fact that we had a very long engagement. And being the princess of the party on a four-day smile-a-thon wasn’t the only thing that that zapped my energy; it was also the entire planning (and let’s be honest paying) process. Don’t get me wrong: if I were to do it again tomorrow (well, um, OK, maybe not tomorrow, but a year from now) I’d do it all exactly the same way. But when I sit down and actually think about all that free-time, work-time and invented time that I spent talking / thinking / planning all things wedding, I realize that I could have had a working knowledge of ancient Greek by now. And I’m pretty certain that I would have completed War and Peace, the entire Twilight series and the unabridged version of Don Quijote in Spanish, about three times. So, it is no wonder that the decision-making, the discussions, and the Big Day itself completely drained us.

But we won’t always be eating a ton of take-out (I know, not very wifey of me) and hitting the hay early (no, no not those kinds of early bedtimes, more like recuperating on the ZZZs). So once the tiredness passes and the fog lifts from our brains, we’ll still be married, but what will it all mean?

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