Justifiable Road Rage

One woman's irritation at the horribly timed reconstruction going on in her town, combined with the amount of people taking up space on the streets.

I’m Losing It

Reasonable Road Rage

WTF are they thinking?!

-Carolyn French

angry womanEver been so incredibly irritated that you can actually catch a fly in midair? Yes it’s disgusting, but when you’ve been sitting in an uber beater Nissan with no air conditioning – on an Indian summer afternoon – in bumper to bumper traffic with a relentless little insect buzzing around your sweaty brow, it feels oh so satisfying. “Victory is mine!” I recall screeching, out of sheer frustration and lack of caffeine (or perhaps too much?)

And the best part of this sweltering scenario: it could have SO easily been avoided.

The scholars who are in charge of my town’s reconstruction came together recently and decided that now would be a wonderful time to renovate the D Street Bridge.

OK fellas, here’s the deal, Halloween is just around the corner, Thanksgiving is less than two months away, and Christmas will be over before we know it, and you think it’ll be fine to cut off access to one of THE most used routes in Petaluma?? It’s only going to get worse from here, and with the way construction workers in this town operate, “Expect delays through mid November” will quickly become “I guess we underestimated OOPS! How’s January sound?”

My blood is boiling in anticipation; whenever they settle on “fixing” something they take F-O-R-E-V-E-R, and always end up running past their initial timeframe.

Not only that, but Petaluma is vastly overpopulated, and about a year ago the aforementioned scholars stuck an utterly pointless light in on Washington, the other main route, where I sat fuming until I caught that fly and found a bit of relief.

Due to the combination of that stupid f-ing light, the hoards of people, and the atrociously timed reconstruction, “I’ll just pop over to Safeway” has turned into “We can survive without toilet paper, right?”

Thanks a million fellas, I’m losing it and it’s all your fault!!

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