Kate Hudson: Did She or Didn't She?

As speculation swirls about Kate's new rack, sources close to her deny she went under the knife.
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Kate Hudson: Did She or Didn’t She?

As speculation swirls about Kate’s new rack, sources close to her deny she went under the knife.

-JoAnna Zulli

Kate Hudson

Last week UsWeekly.com ran a story alleging that Kate Hudson had a boob job. She’s definitely in possession of some new cleavage, but whether it’s artificial has yet to be confirmed.

Kate Hudson boob job

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The pictorial evidence certainly seems to point to a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office …  you can see Kate in a tiny tank in 2007 at the top of this article.

Here’s Kate in a bikini in 2008:

Kate Hudson bikini

And here she is at the 2009 American Music Awards where she has her infamous “near miss” …

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0 thoughts on “Kate Hudson: Did She or Didn't She?

  1. NYCdogmommy says:

    I jut don’t like her. There’s somtehing “off” about her. Maybe she just invented in a serious push up bra!

  2. kitty says:

    Isn’t it kind of weird that we even care about this? But I confess, I’m curious! And I’d say it seems pretty apparent that she did.

  3. deborah says:

    She did for sure…

  4. FBNYC says:

    I think she did.

  5. uptowngirl says:

    It definitely looks like she went for it…who knows?

  6. festivelady826 says:

    Nah, I don’t think she did. She is as flat-chested as a man, but so is her mother. She has put on a little weight and that’s what I think it is. If she did indeed go under the knife, she got screwed because the implants aren’t much bigger than what Mother Nature gave her!

  7. jessica03 says:

    i think she did too

  8. citymouse says:

    So now she’s just like all the other Hollywood bimbos?! Very sad that she’d feel like she had to do this…

  9. shaleeee says:

    Of course she did….and who cares anyway.

  10. lpfns says:

    if she did – looks like she tried to keep it small so no one would notice

    I guess when your famous you have to expect ppl to compare pics of your breasts online

  11. leftygrlac says:

    Nah, she just looks a little heavier, in a healthy way.

  12. ParentingAuthor says:

    I think she’s pregnant.

  13. marie1206 says:

    I agree Ipfns, at least she didn’t go overboard. It looks good for her and it’s the right size.

  14. Mimi in KY says:

    I’d like to know who she is holding hands with.

  15. choddie59 says:

    why would anyone get tiny implants? i think she just gained a few lbs, post-breakup. i can’t believe you ppl think she had implants!!!!

  16. Asha777 says:

    I liked her in “How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days” :) and who cares about the boobies! If it helps her self confidence- why not?

  17. akiss50 says:

    Why shouldn’t she get new boobs. She already had a nose job. She needs to pin back those DUMBO ears. At least with boobs, she could have worn a padded bra. Those ears are huge, huge, huge. Plus, Goldie has had lots of cosmetic surgery. So, like mother like daughter as the saying goes.

  18. kawaiklub4 says:

    Looks like there may be a little “baby-bump” there to me…

  19. Fishsnot says:

    Man-made boobs are NOT going to help this broad. She has an exulted opinion of herself for someone that “beds” EVERY GUY she’s seen with. She, in defense of other tramps, is just another tramp along the likes of Linsay, Paris, Kim Kardashian. When are these women going to wise up and use what’s between their ears RATHER to get a worthwhile man than what’s between their legs. She has turned herself into just a sperm depository.

  20. nlowes says:

    People! Please note the author’s byline: “JoAnna Zulli is a New York-based writer who has worked for Star, Soap Opera Magazine, Woman’s World, In Touch and the New York Post.”
    ‘Nuff said. I just wanted to remind everyone not to believe everything you read. The above-listed “journals” are known to make things up out of whole cloth, quotes and all. No real inside source gave those comments–guaranteed.

  21. mynxbaby says:

    Just alittle wieght on her body will do it for anyone.

  22. truliebetty says:

    leave Kate alone. She looks great. + she has had a child which will contribute to more cleavage!

  23. jmd says:

    something is going on there. but who is she holding hands with in this last picture, and why?

  24. The Happy Chick says:

    Maybe she’s pregnant???

  25. jayna says:

    My boyfriend LOVES Kate, small boobs or not – he loves every other flat chested actress too becuae what he finda sexy is their CNFIDENCE…but Kate is/was extremely flat so if she did, so what ? at least she go all Pam Anderson and still looks very natural..

  26. claney89 says:

    If she did, no she didn’t go much bigger than she was before, but isn’t the point for them to look natural?? And, her mom isn’t quite as flat chested as Kate is… Even naturally…

  27. WikkidLilGrrrl says:

    I kind of doubt it..they dont look unnatural like most implants do.

  28. elle k says:

    No way she had implants! That insignificant of a change could come on by changes in hormones, due to pregnancy or age – and if she finally let her body “grow” a little in her mid to late 20′s instead of keeping her body in that tight Hollywood/model starvation mold, then all the more to her. I think she’s adorable, anyway and a good actress

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