Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Heat Up

As A-Rod gears up for the most important games of his life, his movie star girlfriend has a game plan of her own - to create one big happy family with his kids and hers.

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Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Heat Up

As A-Rod gears up for the most important games of his life, his movie star girlfriend has a game plan of her own — to create one big happy family with his kids and hers.

-Kelly Will

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez
All the important action will be happening on the field during the first game of the World Series this week, when the Yankees take on the Phillies, but it’s a safe bet to say a lot of spectators will also be watching the player’s box, where Alex Rodriguez’s lady love, Kate Hudson, is expected to put in an appearance.

While the Yankee wives have been less than welcoming to the Oscar nominee, Kate, who began dating A-Rod earlier this year, is thrilled that her boyfriend is getting to live out the dream he’s had since he was 5 years old, and she already has her role as cheerleading girlfriend down pat.

“Kate is very supportive and win or lose, she makes sure Alex knows she loves him anyway,” an insider tells BettyConfidential. The couple recently moved into a place in Purchase, just north of Manhattan, although A-Rod has kept his New York bachelor pad and Kate has a place in L.A. “She is careful to let him focus on the games while she takes care of the houses and travels back and forth. They are so happy living in their quiet neighborhood on Purchase Street.”

The pal says Kate and A-Rod are testing the waters by sharing a home together. “They are seriously in the honeymoon stages. Kate definitely sees marriage as a possibility and she sees Alex in her life long-term. They are in love but Kate doesn’t want to put any pressure on Alex, especially during baseball season. She has plenty to keep her busy and they have a good balance right now.”

Kate is taking a cue from her mom, Goldie Hawn, and has made an effort to get to know Alex’s two children, Natasha and Ella, who live with his ex-wife, Cynthia. “Kate pushed for their children to meet up early in the relationship, so his two daughters and her son, Ryder, would be able to play and hang out together. The girls spend most of their time with his ex-wife, but when they are all together as a family, it’s just like Kate’s childhood with Goldie and Kurt Russell. She loves the big blended family!”

Magazine and newspaper reporter Kelly Will has written celebrity columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/misswill.

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0 thoughts on “Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Heat Up

  1. I love how whenever A Rod is up at bat, the camera zooms in on Kate for like 10 whole seconds, but the announcers don’t say anything about it! It’s like their giving all us girls who have to watch the game 10 seconds of something we want to watch!

  2. Hutson has slept with most of Hollywood..and now she’s going to work her way through Baseball. what’s next…Football? Her latest nickname is “BJ’
    Hutson. AROD can only hope that he doesn’t get any crawling seafood or other etc…etc..

  3. Kate Hudson is a selfish pig who “woke up one day & decided her marriage was over,” nevermind her child or his father, the important thing is what she feels. Then she wants to get all involved with the children of the next shack-up she’s with until she’s feeling something else so she can rip up their lives too. If Goldie Hawn wasn’t her mother, she’d be turning tricks out of a strip club. In my opinion, she totally sucks and so does A-Rod.

  4. I think Kate Hudson is just insecure enough that she loves the drama that comes with being viewed as the “other woman” and she is just bitchy enough that she will welcome any confrontations with the other ‘wives.’ I’ve seen her interviewed and she seems very arrogant to me. I like Goldie Hawn’s comedy but I do believe Kate’s spoiled brat personality comes from Goldie’s hippie, ‘no discipline’ type of lifestyle she provided for her children. I agree with the post from bulldog37 – don’t start ignoring your kid even more than you do already just so you can be seen and heard at the games.

  5. why is everyone hating on kate hudson? I love her. I’ve NEVER seen her act arrogant in anything let alone whoreish. seriously??? I think she’s fearless and most women should strive to be like her – confident not cocky and beautiful. she;s always level-headed and can take anything in stride. Ive seen her being attacked by the papparazzi and it doesn’t even phase her – she stays cool. and im pretty sure that you weren’t there for the ending of her marriage so nobody on here can say what she was thinking or Chris for that matter and the actual reason WHY her marriage ended 1-isn’t anyones business, 2-can’t be judged by anyone on here for sure and 3-shouldnt be treated as a TV show. You should all be mindful of what you put out into the world.

  6. What is everyone ragging about. They make a beautiful couple. She is an outstanding actress and he is an outstanding athlete!
    And they seem to be great parents. People should wish them well and mind their own business. I wish I was sitting in that player’s box for this world series! Good luck Kate, and A-Rod… beat those Phillies!
    And everyone…enjoy the ride!

  7. I have read comments from other men Kate Hudson has dated and they all say she tries to push her son on them right away and gets serious way to soon! Kate does not sound like a mother who is interested in setting a good example for her son, instead she sounds like a desperate woman who will bed any man! I feel sorry for her son..

  8. its so easy to get on these pages and talk nonsense…1st of Kate didn’t break up ARod’s marriage,2nd they been dating long enough for they’re kids to meet,3rd Goldie and kurt have one of the longest relationships in hollywood, 4th whats wrong with dating? 5th you all sound like bitter hags ragging on kate cuz she landed ARod when it seems like they are doing great! go home to your fat ugly husbands or your lonely TV dinner and live vicariously through celebs losers!!!

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