Katherine Heigl: Grouchier as a Brunette?

If blondes have more fun does the opposite ring true? Are brunettes doomed to be down in the dumps? We took a look at Katherine Heigl to find out.

Katherine Heigl: Grouchier as a Brunette?

If blondes have more fun does the opposite ring true? Are brunettes doomed to be down in the dumps? We took a look at Katherine Heigl to find out.

-Sarah Polonsky

Katherine Heigl brunette

Looking over recent photos of Katherine Heigl, we just have to ask … Is it possible that the darker her mane gets, the darker her mood becomes as well?

It’s not as if she’s always come across as a barrel of laughs, of course. Heigl was notoriously unhappy while working on Grey’s Anatomy. The then-blonde actress had issues with the storyline and was not a fan of working 17-hour days on the set. Perhaps that’s why she decided to make the switch to brunette? Hey, it’s not crazy! We all know when Britney Spears pulls out the auburn hair dye, it’s time to duck and cover.

“Women seem to choose colors based on their life changes — whether it’s the season, or a relationship has ended, or they’re looking for a fresh start or they’re starting a new a job,” says Marco Santini, owner of ION Studio in NYC and hair stylist to celebs such as Pink, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ritchie and Fergie.

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Katherine Heigl Grey's AnatomyHowever, the color change doesn’t seem to be working any wonders on her mood. In the recent past, aside from darkening her hair, Heigl has ditched Grey’s, resumed her movie career, and of course, adopted a baby girl, Naleigh. It seems that Heigl is super devoted and won’t leave Naleigh’s side. “She’s being a little over the top,” a source tells BettyConfidential. “It’s not good for her and it’s not good for the baby. She can’t stand to be apart from her.”

The currently brunette Heigl stars in the upcoming film, Life as We Know It. The film centers around two single adults who become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident. “She wanted her daughter to play the part of the orphaned girl, but producers of the film did not want to go in that direction,” says our source. This did not sit well with Heigl.

With the addition of the recent news of Heigl’s erratic behavior concerning her reps, we’re not sure if this mama is in need of a new hairdo or a vacation. According to Santini, “A certain color shouldn’t make you more or less moody, it should just make you happier in general to look good.” This certainly hasn’t been the case for Heigl. For six years Katherine was represented by PMK/HBH flack Jill Fritzo in New York, but left them for a Los Angeles rep, Melissa Kates. After six weeks Melissa fired Heigl. We have never heard of a rep firing their client before—especially a big name like Heigl.

Katherine then signed with publicist Kelly Bush to do some major damage control, only to fire her five weeks later and rejoin PMK/HBH. Now that’s what we call some major company hopping.

We think she should go red and see if that fixes up her mood.

Tell us: What’s color do you like for Katherine Heigl’s hair?

Sarah Polonsky is a Senior Editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Katherine Heigl: Grouchier as a Brunette?

  1. This has to be the most factually inaccurate article I have ever seen. It is filled with baseless opinion and complete lies. Firstly – Heigl was with Melissa Kates and Jill Fritzo both of whom worked at PMK/HBH for many years. Kates left to form her own company. Heigl went with her initially before trying Kelly Bush’s organization. She then went back to PMK/HBH. As for Kates firing Heigl that is ridiculous. Next, LAWKI was cast long before the adoption process for Heigl’s daughter was complete. In fact her daughter only arrived a week before filming started. To suggested she wanted her for the role is completely false and a lie. She dyed her hair for the role of Stephanie Plumb in One For The Money – a brunette which starts filming in July. So basically everything in your article is wrong.

  2. hahaha – angryfan, getting so upset. get over it. Well, here’s my opinion: I love Heigl regardless of her daily mood, but i have to agree, that chic is always looking frustrated no matter what color her hair is.

  3. She always seems to have her panties in a bunch over something. She also has a reputation for being a troublemaker on the set, dating back to her days on Rosswell, when she would just not bother to show up if she was unhappy with something. Too much diva, too little talent IMO.

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