Kendra Wilkinson: My Son is Going to Be a Jock

The mom-to-be has big plans for her unborn child

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Kendra Wilkinson: My Son is Going to Be a Jock

The mom-to-be has big plans for her unborn child

-Kelly Will

Kendra Wilkinson

His dad is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, so it’s no surprise that Kendra Wilkinson is convinced that the baby she is expecting is going to be a sports star.

Hank Baskett IV is due on Christmas Day and while the newlyweds are blissfully happy and eagerly anticipating their impending parenthood, there’s one thing they can’t agree on.

“Hank and I argue about who is going to be the coach of our son’s athletic teams,” Kendra says. “I’m going to be such a sideline mom, but I actually want to coach and so does Hank. We go back and forth all the time about who would be better!”

And that’s not the only task they will end up sharing. Kendra unashamedly admits that she is going to hire a nanny to help look after her son.

“When we have the baby I am definitely going to have someone help us,” she says. “Many people don’t like the idea of having a nanny, but I love it! As long as I trust my nanny, there is no reason not to have help some of the time. That way, I will be able to have a special date night every week with my husband. That’s the key to a successful marriage – always having something to look forward to, whether it’s little treats or big treats!

“Hank and I try to make the little things special, even just going out for ice cream together. Then we save up for a big vacation. Even if it takes two years to save up for a trip somewhere, it is really nice to know that you are going to have special time together. It is great motivation in a marriage.”

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0 thoughts on “Kendra Wilkinson: My Son is Going to Be a Jock

  1. Stupid. Why don’t they spend their time thinking about their baby, and not move so fast to get him into sports. They know for sure it’s a boy, right? I feel sorry for the whole family. What if a boy is not interested in sports. His parents are gonna make him? I agree with Kitty: BARF!

  2. This is nauseating. Already the mother is acting like a malignant narcissist. I agree with Manicmommy. This could spell some big trouble for the child coming in to “their world”. God forbid it’s a gay male child who’s interested in fashion instead of sports!

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