Kids Hitting the Gym: Is It Wrong?

An article on whether or not children should be allowed to use mini gym equipment.

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Gym Equipment for Kids

Shouldn’t they be climbing trees instead of Stairmasters?

-Julie Ryan Evans

young boy at gymThere’s no debating the fact that childhood obesity is an epidemic, and I don’t want a fat kid more than anyone else. But still these mini versions of gym equipment, made for kids, just seem wrong – like something Communist countries would secretly develop and use in preschools to produce Olympic athletes.

Years ago when we ran around outside all day, had PE everyday of school (even when we hated it) and some of our mothers even locked us out of our houses all day until the street lights came on, we wouldn’t have needed this stuff. And do we now? Really?

Are kids so stagnant in their environments that they need to run on a gerbil wheel, going no place? Can’t they just run after their friends? Shouldn’t they be climbing trees instead of a Stairmaster? What we’re doing right now certainly isn’t working, but …

I guess there are worse things kids could be doing than working out in a gym, but that’s just a lot of pressure at a really young age, and shouldn’t kids just be kids? It’s our jobs as parents to keep them healthy … not the trainer at the gym. But if it works, it works, and so if these really do help kids become more fit and less fat, then who am I to dismiss them? A normal, rational human being maybe …

Tell us: yay or nay for kiddie gym equipment?

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