Leslie Blodgett Live Chat Recap

A recap of Betty's LIVE chat with Bare Escentuals founder Leslie Blodgett!

Betty Live!

Betty-Bare Escentuals Live Chat Recap

Leslie Blodgett is hilarious, personable, and a creative genius!

-Jill Jordan

Leslie BlodgettOur live chat with Leslie Blodgett was quite a success! In case you didn’t hear about the contest, 25 lucky Bettys were selected to participate in a live chat with Leslie, where they got to ask questions about everything from the best way to clean a makeup brush to Leslie’s encounter with a psychic! Although she was a little nervous, Leslie was very excited about hanging out with everyone, and her sarcastic sense of humor was hilarious. Her fans were amped up to speak with the brains behind one of their favorite brands, and let me tell you, I could feel the love goin’ around. Here’s a recap for those of you who missed it and want some inside info …

Leslie’s answers to the more personal questions:

Q: Did you always want to be a cosmetics executive, or did this just “happen”?

A: I didn’t know I would be in this position, I didn’t dream of this, if that is what you mean. Makeup has always been my favorite thing in the world so it made sense. I also met a psychic when I was 20 who said I would be doing this.

Q: Leslie, what is your favorite snack food, that if it was in front of you, you just couldn’t help yourself from eating?!

A: Pistachios, right now. I want my oatmeal.

Q: What’s your favorite vacation spot?

A: I am digging Mexico these days. I wear lots of hats. But NY is still fab. I am going to Madrid and Milan on biz next month so that will be fun!

And her answers on the topic of mineral make-up:

Q: Leslie, why do you think mineral makeup is better than other makeup lines?

A: We ARE better. Healthier, cleaner, purer, we are the experts at this. We know how to improve the skin.

Q: What are your thoughts on the “other” mineral makeup companies saying their brand is “better” for the skin because it doesn’t contain bismuth?

A: We have done tons of studies on bismuth and the result is fine. We are launching our matte bareMinerals this summer without that ingredient for those who have interest.

Finally, Leslie’s answers to Bare Escentuals products questions:

Q: I apply my foundation with one squirt of water on the brush … does this cause bacteria build up or anything?

A: I would clean the brush more often; I don’t know about bacteria.

Q: Are you going to re release any of the “vault” colors for us hardcore collectors? Like Sea Goddess, Loli, Leaf, etc …

A: Sea Goddess and Loli were special one-timers but Leaf is a biggie. I may have to go there.

Q: Leslie, I was wondering since you have come out with Ruby, Topaz, Diamond & other stones & precious metals, any chance in seeing a Sapphire or Tanzanite collection?

A: Tanzanite! Went there this summer. We have an Ulta and QVC kit coming in fall with more stones. I want to put a few small tanzanite stones in some eye shadows and see who gets them, isn’t that fun?

Q: Elaborate on “Buxom is launching the big stick with some great colors”…

A: Buxom is launching some fab new products this fall. Big lipsticks, mij (not telling you what that is, so don’t ask) and some others. Sephora only — they are getting all the Buxom stuff.

Q: Will Bare Escentuals ever have their own false eyelashes?

A: We had false eyelashes once and it came up again. I like Buxom Lash for now – however lashes would fit nicely in Buxom.

Q: Also, will Buxom mascara come in colors? I would LOVE a navy!

A: I want a navy too. I will do it.

Q: Leslie, any chance we might see a rareMinerals Body moisturizer?

A: We have so many formulas underway – lip, hand, body, all.

Q: Just have to say that I love the new train case with individual compartments for the tubs. Too bad mine is already filled to the brim. :) Any plans to make a bigger one?

A: We are in the midst of a big, huge bareMinerals holder, like huge. Not a train case.

Q: Will there be more vegan/synthetic brushes?

A: Yes, many more synthetic brushes — I will be sure.

Leslie was so relatable and willing to help. She even offered to call some of the participants to answer their questions in a more personal and direct way. She’s thinking about coming out with a product named “Leslie”, and after seeing how fabulous she is, we know it’ll be a hit.

And for her final words …

“Thank you so much for hangin’ with me. I appreciate all of your support and for spreading the word … Peace and love, baby.”

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  1. I really missed out on all the fun…but I’m so happy that I got a copy of this transcript. I gave up my spot to another BE lovely who had just had major surgery and was feeling so very depressed. I know for a fact that this chat helped her so much and so appreciated it. I hope one day I will get another chance to chat or meet the Queen of BE…I think Leslie is FAB and I so appreciate her love of makeup and skin care! Blessings to Leslie and her family and her “BE Family! Hugs to all…Arkygal

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