Lindsay Lohan's Tearful Phone Call With Her Dad

After threatening him with a restraining order, the troubled star talks to her father, Michael.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Tearful Phone Call With Her Dad

After threatening him with a restraining order, the troubled star talks to her father, Michael.

-Kelly Will

Lindsay Lohan

Are we the only ones having trouble keeping up with Lindsay Lohan? One minute she’s with Samantha Ronson, then she isn’t. Then one week she’s threatening her publicity-hungry father, Michael, with a restraining order, and the next… she’s talking to him on the phone!

An insider tells BettyConfidential that the 23-year-old had a heavy-duty conversation with her dad last week. The rehabbed starlet is going through a rough patch right now and is currently estranged from her mom, Dina, and her dad, but she agreed to speak to Michael after friends persuaded her to try to make peace with him.

“Lindsay is not in good shape because she is emotionally broken down by her family,” the insider says. “Her close confidants set up a phone call with Michael at his request. He begged them to help him reach Lindsay. She finally agreed to a short phone call with him but it was so hard on her.”

Michael has spoken in recent weeks about his concern that Lindsay is abusing prescription medication and even told the press that he’d like to “kidnap” his daughter to steer her away from bad influences.

But the pal says Michael seemed very genuine on the phone with Lindsay and asked her to please let him help her. “They both were emotional on the phone call and there were tears. It was painful for both of them.”

Lindsay and her mom haven’t spoken for months and Lindsay’s anger stems from Dina’s decision to move forward with the Shoe Han idea after Lindsay specifically told her not to. “Lindsay spends most of her time with her sister, Ali, and really only deals with her mom when she wants to talk to Ali or her brother Cody,” says the insider. “Lindsay took Ali with her to Paris because she wanted to have someone with her that loves her. It’s very sad – Lindsay feels alone and betrayed by her family constantly and her siblings are all she has left.”


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  1. This is really very sad and so awful to see people calling her names. I guess you all would have everything totally together, even if your entire life was at the mercy of other people and lived entirely in public? Must be nice to be so superior.

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