Lindsay Lohan is Mixing with the Wrong Crowd

It appears that Lindsay Lohan is mixing with the wrong crowd.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mixing with the Wrong Crowd

Friends fear for her life

-Kelly Will

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has turned to her family and certain friends for comfort since the disastrous split with girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, but they are doing little to help the wild starlet and may be enabling her further. Lindsay’s little sister Ali, 15, has stuck close to Lindsay’s side throughout the last week, even going to parties with her. Sam is terrified for her ex but completely unwilling to reunite, only offering support via phone and addict friends have come out of the woodwork seeking the one-time Disney star.

Friends tell me, “Lindsay is running around with a dangerous group of people right now. She spent Friday and Saturday night with a few friends from her pre-rehab life that are suddenly back on the scene and awful for her. These guys push her to have fun, party and go wild. They don’t really care about her at all and drugs and alcohol surround Lindsay when she is with them. Lindsay doesn’t care about anything right now. She does not see past the breakup.”

“Sam has been in touch and she’s trying to stop Lindsay’s spiral back to drugs and alcohol. Sam fears Lindsay will self-harm because she has witnessed her do it in the past. Lindsay is always wild after a break-up, but this time it’s much worse. She’s more desperate, sad and all by herself. Her family needs to take her away, but instead, her mom and Ali just hang out with her in Los Angeles, even drinking and staying out with her.”

I fear Lindsay Lohan is turning into Britney 2.0. Sad.

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Kelly WillGossip Betty is penned by New York City celebrity columnist Kelly Will. This 29-year-old magazine and newspaper reporter has written columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Kelly’s weekly column will appear every Tuesday.

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0 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan is Mixing with the Wrong Crowd

  1. needcoffee — me too! I’ll wait until the lines die down though.

    As for Lindsay — I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — where were her PARENTS when she was an impressionable young girl and teenager, thrust into the heady world of anything goes and all that Hollywood glamour? Yes she’s an adult now and has to pull herself together, but she sure could have used some good role models and boundaries and guidance when she was younger. Responsible young women become that way because of good parents.

  2. I feel so bad for her, LiLo’s parents were NOT the right types of people to be raising a budding Hollywood starlet. And I’m tired of this “Lindsay can’t act” crap, she’s a great actress!

  3. This kid is a train-wreck? Is it any wonder that she’s so screwed up? Her career is zilch and her so-called love-life is on the outs, poor Lilo, life is tough, deal with it and stop using the press to further your cause, you’re a joke!

  4. Unreal! Every time something goes wrong in this brats life, she goes hog wild and screws up her life, she’s nothing but a drama queen crying out for attention.

  5. she depends on her “i’m cleaning up now,” “pit me my life is falling apart” phases to keep her in the press. she needs a wake-up call that this type of publicity is not the way to live life.

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