Lindsay Lohan Obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, Flies to Hawaii

Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, flies to Hawaii to party with her sister.

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Lindsay Lohan Obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, Flies to Hawaii

The unhealthy habits of the future Hollywood has-been

-Kelly Will

Lindsay and Ali LohanLindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have called it quits, but that won’t stop Lindsay from hooking up with her ex now and again friends warn. The actress’ destructive behavior continues and this week, Lindsay is thousands of miles away from Sam partying with her sister, Ali Lohan, in Hawaii.

“Lindsay is still in a messy place. She’s latching onto people and things that are really not stable. If someone offers to fly her free somewhere or foot the bill for anything, Lindsay will be your best pal. On top of that desperation, she hasn’t been eating for months (she drinks energy drinks and occasionally nibbles on food) and is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. She is looking everywhere for love, but herself. She doesn’t know how to love herself and so she puts herself out there for everyone.”

“Lindsay and Sam still talk daily and they have been meeting at Sam’s house. Lindsay got Sam a necklace that matched one she had, but now Lindsay plans to wear the L and S initials together on one chain.”

“Lindsay is also obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and has been for years. She loves the tragic story of the gorgeous blonde and enjoys the drama and beauty that she sees in Marilyn. Lindsay pictures herself as the creative and talented misunderstood beauty who has many Hollywood love affairs. It’s very worrisome, but as usual, there is no one strong or stable enough in her life to step in and get her to see the truth. “

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0 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, Flies to Hawaii

  1. sencerre12 says:

    Lindsay Lohan needs some deep sit-downs with a shrink to stop being so narcissistic and self-destructive. She obviously has issues to deal with and her stays in the rehabs didn’t do a thing for her. What a drama queen.

  2. LUGGY says:

    Obsessed with Marilyn Monroe? Lindsay, you’re no Marilyn Monroe! Give it up and stop glomming on to other people’s lives and get your own.

  3. chaucerleelou says:

    Does she even have a career anymore? When was the last time she had an acting job? I heard she got fired from Ugly Betty for her diva behaviour.

  4. VERUKA says:

    Perhaps she’ll stay in Hawaii and find some enlightenment cause obviously LA and the fast-track scene isn’t doing her any good!

  5. CAMUS890 says:

    She’s so pathetic and lost! HOW many more years of her drama do we have to read about in the paper on the front page and every page?

  6. LISHY says:

    I’d say about 3-5 years from now, Lindsay will be working God knows where, her career is in the tank and eventually some other drama queen will come along to grace the cover of every magazine.

  7. SNOOKY61 says:

    Get over yourself, Linday, even your ex can’t stand to be around you!

  8. dustyleelou says:

    I now hear that Lindsay scheduled a photo shoot for some British magazine at the same time that her ex will be there doing a job, gee, Lindsay, are you obsessed or what?

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