Live from New York… It's the Betty White Recap!

A BettyConfidential editor takes you behind the scenes at this weekend's Saturday Night Live.
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Live from New York… It’s the Betty White Recap!

A BettyConfidential editor takes you behind the scenes at this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

-Sarah Polonsky

Sarah Polonsky and Betty White
BettyConfidential’s own Sarah Polonsky with Betty White!

“I think what you’re doing is great, dear,” Betty White said to me this weekend when I told her about BettyConfidential, and our mission to provide an outlet for women to learn, laugh, grow, gossip and become the women they want to be.

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I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Betty during the SNL party Saturday night. Earlier in the evening I was on the show’s set where I witnessed the veritable mayhem and excitement that goes on backstage of the infamous television show.

A spectacular mishmash of celebrities came together on the eighth floor at NBC on Saturday night. Molly Shannon—looking thinner than ever—chatted with a producer as Amy Poehler was being fitted for her costume. Fantastic pandemonium ensued as wigs went flying, make-up artists were running and security was ushering stray folks out of the way as giant sets moved about.

Suddenly, everything went silent. There she was… Betty White.

As the timelessly beautiful and iconic octogenarian emerged from her dressing room wearing a cute pink costume to perform her first skit of the evening– everyone backstage stopped what he or she was doing and started to applaud.

Then, onto the stage she went and brought the house down.

Many showbiz bigwigs turned up for the taping this weekend, including SNL veteran Tina Fey—who partook in a couple of skits. Also on set was Matthew Broderick who showed up just to watch, sans wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. I stood next to Matthew during Jay-Z’s first set and caught him doing some head nodding to the beat—I always knew he had a little gangsta in him.

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