Lose Weight With Our Four-Week Diet Plan: Day 3

Low-tech workouts, plus a shrimp feast

Lose Weight With Our Four-Week Diet Plan: Day 3

Low-tech workouts, plus a shrimp feast

-Debbie Emery

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Each day this month, check out BettyConfidential’s exclusive tip from top trainers and nutritionists, and take a look at the daily three-meal menu from NutriFit, a health-conscious food delivery program that works with A-list stars like Angelina Jolie.

Tip of the day

The rope routine. High-tech machines are great, but when given a new twist, the most old school of equipment works great, too. Rope workouts, like the ones that are part of the Whipped classes at Equinox Fitness, are an invigorating way to blast off calories. With a partner holding the other end, you get into a squat position and wave the ropes as fast as you can. Amy Dixon, Group Fitness Manager of Equinox Santa Monica, combines the rope exercise with strength moves like squats and pushups. “It really gets your heart rate pumping,” she says. “You’ll be cooked just shaking the rope for a minute!”

Today’s Menu:


1 packet instant oatmeal, made with equal parts apple juice and water; stir in ½ cup of unpeeled, chopped apple


1 cup unsweetened applesauce mixed with 1 tablespoon dried fruit bits and 1 tablespoon slivered almonds


3 oz. cocktail shrimp

(about 15 small)

½ cup baby carrots

½ cup cucumber

½ cup cherry tomatoes

Add lemon juice or nonfat mayonnaise, if desired.

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1 pear

½ oz. almonds



1 cup assorted field greens

4 oz. roast beef

½ cup sliced tomatoes

½ cup sliced carrots

½ cup sliced cucumbers

½ cup orange segments

2 tablespoons fat-free balsamic vinaigrette dressing

1 teaspoon toasted pine nuts

In bowl, combine field greens, roast beef, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and orange segments. Top with dressing and pine nuts.

½ small corn on the cob

1 cup sautéed summer squash

Evening Snack

Garden Herb Spread:

½ cup nonfat cottage cheese

1 tablespoon reduced-fat buttermilk

1 shallot

1 bunch green onions

1 tablespoon dill

Combine all ingredients. Process until smooth, and serve with cucumbers and red bell pepper slices.

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Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Debbie Emery is a Los Angeles-based writer who specializes in health and fitness.

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