Best Place to Meet Your Second Hubby is the Playground

Best Place to Meet Your Second Husband: The Playground!

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Best Place to Meet Your Second Husband: The Playground!

Love amongst the swing sets on Saturdays

-The Bettys

playground romanceSo, divorce is a part of life these days – not for everyone of course, but for a good percentage of marriages. For most divorced moms, dating is a much trickier and more daunting affair (no pun indented) that it was the first time around. So – what’s a mom to do? Hit the playground on a Saturday!

Why? Because that’s when all the divorced dads are out with their kids – giving you a prime opportunity to scope out and connect with the REAL Mr. Right.

Romi Lassally, founder of the True Confessions Web sites, is happily married herself, but has seen plenty of stories of love connections at the park on her mommy-geared site,

She says, “I see stories of love – found (and sometimes lost) at the swing set and the sandbox all the time on the site. One single mom even confessed to dressing up to go to the playground because it had become a hot spot for single dads!”

Another mom on the site confessed: I never expected that a day at the park (one I was dreading – it was cold!) would lead to meeting my husband. I was pushing my son in a swing, which broke, which led to my son having a TANTRUM which led to my now DH fixing it and buying us hot chocolate. I love that man!”

One of Betty’s friends, who shall remain nameless, can attest to the likelihood of running into cute celebrity dads at parks and playgrounds – in Southern California at least. She tells us: “I have worked as a nanny in several ‘celebrity households’ for the past few years (and boy, do I have crazy stories!!!). Between the carpool at some pretty shmanzy schools, visits to the Beverly Hills city parks, and spending time on sets, I have seen lots of “Name” dads interacting with their kids.”

Her sightings include Breckin Meyer (Heroes, Robot Chicken, Kate and Leopold) “sliding and swinging at the oldwater Canyon Park with his toddler daughter” and Eric Bana “playing action figures (Indiana Jones, not The Hulk!) with his son on the beach in Malibu.”

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why playgrounds on the weekends are the BEST places to meet your second husband:

1. You already know you have something in common: your kids (and – oh yeah – your exes.) – so you don’t have to wonder how he’s going to take the news that you come in a package of three.

2. You can covertly spy and see if he’s a good dad … is he glued to his Blackberry while Junior eats mud or is he actually having fun and interacting? Bonus points if he makes it to the top of the jungle gym!

3. You can covertly spy and see if you’d be able to stand his kids. Let’s face it – a whiney bully or spoiled princess is going to be a deal breaker.

4. You can assess his sense of fairness – does he enforce “taking turns” or does he pretend to ignore the line of cranky toddlers waiting for a go at the swings?

5. Repeat action. Neighborhood parks tend to be patronized by the same people, so the odds of seeing the cute dad from last week are high.

Of course – the tricky thing is making sure he’s not just out for the afternoon while the little wifey gets her weekly mani-pedi. In that case – he sure is a great catch – just not for you!

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